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The requested download has been superseded with a newer version.

Thank for you having interest in Eraser. Eraser is available in a few flavours, the stable, the beta as well as the nightly builds.

Stable builds of Eraser are builds in which few, if any, bugs remain in the code and is suitable for use in all environments. If in doubt, choose the Stable version. The beta and nightly builds cater to a slightly different audience. Beta and nightly builds are built on the previous stable version released, but may contain new features or bug fixes to bugs discovered in the stable builds. Use the Beta and Nightly builds at your own risk1.

If you do discover bugs in the nightly builds, report them on Trac, citing the build number that you have used (the number after 'r', it can also be found in the About dialog for Eraser 6, it is d value in the version number a.b.c.d).

Stable Builds

Build Name Version Release Date Downloads
Eraser 12/1/2015 07:00pm 126050
Eraser 23/5/2012 10:30am 2050911

Beta Builds

Build Name Version Release Date Downloads
No beta builds available.

Nightly Builds

Build Name Revision Build Date Downloads

Eraser 6.0

Eraser 6.2

Eraser r2962 12/1/15 6:58pm 2869
Eraser r2963 19/1/15 8:58pm 9436
Eraser r2967 19/3/15 6:32pm 1623

Disclaimer: The security of the erasures has not been verified by internal or external entities. The code may be still of beta quality and may not remove all traces of files. If you have security concerns, do use the stable versions.


Latest News

Eraser 6.0.10 released!

Posted by: Joel, 23rd May 2012, 10:30 am +800GMT

Eraser 6.0.10 has been released today. This is a bugfix release which continues to build on the stability Eraser 6 series. All users are recommended to upgrade to this version. Read the full announcement.