Eraser 6-rc3 released!

Published on January 3, 2009, by in Announcements.

Happy new year to everyone! Here’s wishing 2009 to be a blast like it has always been!

Today I’m happy to announce the availability of Eraser 6 release candidate 3 ( It includes fixes for a few relatively show stopping problems introduced in rc2 (my apologies) and a few other usability fixes.


815Bootstrapper to redraw the progress window after it has been createdJoel
816Include Visual Studio 2008 C++ Runtimes for the Shell extension (fixes the shell extension not working for quite a few people)Joel
817Fixed the shutdown check for XP users: Eraser will prevent shutdown of the computer when it is runningJoel
823Fixed a few typosJoel
824Install button in the Updater only enabled when updates are selectedJoel
825Fixed Eraser startup crash in 64bitJoel
826Fixed monthly schedulesJoel
830Allow the system to go to sleep when the erasure task is completeJoel
845Implemented plugin signature verification using the native Authenticode API’sJoel

FAT erasures and compressed/encrypted NTFS file erasures have not been implemented, for reasons outlined in this forum post.

Once again I’d like to thank all 12000 beta testers who has downloaded Eraser to date. We appreciate your support in our project and hope to see you guys contributing to our forums and filing bugs when you find them!

Special mention goes out to Chris Wagers for finding a few bugs in Eraser and Overwriter for being ever so patient in dealing with support questions!

Disclaimer: The security of the erasures has not been verified by internal or external entities. The code is still of beta quality and may not remove all traces of files with the confidence of Version 5. If you have security concerns, do use Version 5 while the security aspects of Version 6 are ironed out. It is however noteworthy that v6 uses only documented API’s for erasure and therefore the risk of corrupting your drives is lower than Version 5.

If you have read the disclaimer, follow the instructions about installing betas then Download it now.

File hashes:

  • SHA-1: 6e98bca1e1458eb4fd6167210c10181a982b8005
  • SHA-256: df5ceef772531dd29a76fb00dc6b9a8c86636438a
  • Whirlpool: 9e42c15a052ec3db5cb6e06a6524e61b1eb415e

Eraser 5.8.7-beta4 released!

Posted by: Joel, 3 January 2009, 9.00am, +800 GMT

It’s the first time I’ve released two versions of Eraser simultaneously!

Anyway, I’ve not forgotten you stable users. I’ve added quite a substantial number of bug fixes to the v5 branch as a new year’s gift :)


827Fixed error message when user deletes files and cancels in the Eraser Explorer.Joel
828Deleting tasks now require confirmation (as per Windows)Joel
829Fixed a hang when users expanded the Network bit of the file data selection dialog (now only affects Verifier)Joel
831Run the post-task operation when it is complete.Joel
833Replaced the custom file/folder selection dialog with the Windows built-in ones.Joel
834The “no files to erase” error no longer appears for file/folder erasures.Joel
835Fixed the Hotkey selection dialog in General PreferencesJoel
836System passwords must be specified for it to be active. Throw an error if the user wanted a password but didn’t set oneJoel
837x64 compatibility fixes (NTAPI call)Joel
839The scheduler log size must be positive, the dialog enforces it now.Joel
840Allow users to tell Eraser to remember the resolve locked files setting for the current erase. Like a No to All or Yes to All button.Joel
841Implemented the deletion of run-at-reboot scheduled tasks.Joel
842Compile everything using VS 2008.Joel

Disclaimer: The code is still of beta quality and may not be as stable as the released versions of Eraser. It is however good to note that there are no feature additions and are mainly feature fixes and therefore upgrading should constitute an increase in stability.

If you have read the disclaimer, follow the instructions about installing betas then download the installer or the standalone (“portable”) edition.

File hashes:

  • Installer
    • SHA-1: f93d4c43d738a962156ae6e9245e8ef59c926ce0
    • SHA-256: 1cc0e746e4cbb041d1f67a6c90cfabe3b398b4febc9
    • Whirlpool: 4ca1cee10200fb1e52ebae9cc5ee53d4c4349af1c
  • Standalone
    • SHA-1: c8aa09206be4cd9b71b6adece4785266d85a4ea8
    • SHA-256: 00113b1e81fc22d0a4ebca10e3820476d58a9d01e8e
    • Whirlpool: 9709eb3d4a029204cb43c4dfe224d2928d8d5b62c