Eraser 6-rc4 released!

Published on January 8, 2009, by in Announcements.

Hello again! I hope everyone’s been enjoying the new rc3, but while you’re at it, I felt it wasn’t good enough. So here’s rc4 with more bugfixes than the previous release and with all the v6 goodness.


850Empty recycle bin after we are done with erasures so the icon is updated.Joel
850Erase only the recycle bin for the current userJoel
851Don’t show secure move entry (currently unimplemented)Joel
852Fixed grammatical error in about textJoel
853About dialog links to our new siteJoel
854Allow users to create new tasks by right-clicking empty portions of the schedulerJoel
854Removed unused entries from the Scheduler toolbar menuJoel
855Folders in the plausible deniability list are now properly utilisedJoel
856Faster about box drawing algorithmJoel
858-859Allow one-time tasks to be automatically removed upon successful completionJoel
859Fixed another grammatical error in the schedulerJoel
860Fixed the bootstrapper for 64-bit architectures. Also fixes the Shell extension for 64-bit WindowsJoel
861-862Fixed Vista shell extension icons. We lost the alpha channel using the old conversion methodJoel
863Task deletions will now require user confirmation (as per Windows and v5)Joel
864Inform the user that there are no updates or plugins to download when the user invokes the updaterJoel
865Don’t allow the user to select invalid folder paths, eg. the Printers folder in remote network sharesJoel
866Fixed spurious crash upon adding tasks using the shell extensionJoel
867Implemented automatic elevation when unused free space erasures are requested from the shell extension. A quick note: what this does is the request for unused space erasures automatically elevate themselves. However, since the erasures are still done by the running Eraser instance which may not have been elevated, the erasures may still fail. The behaviour is however different when there is no Eraser instance running: the spawned instance of Eraser will automatically be elevated.Joel
868Show an error message when the user cancels the elevation request, instead of throwing out an “unknown error”Joel
870All binaries are now timestamped on top of being signedJoel
871Error codes should be better dealt with now, we use the Marshaler which is built into .NET for error handlingJoel

FAT erasures and compressed/encrypted NTFS file erasures have not been implemented, for reasons outlined in this forum post. Lastly, I’d like to once again thank the community for your support through the entire development process of v6. It is very greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer: The security of the erasures has not been verified by internal or external entities. The code is still of beta quality and may not remove all traces of files with the confidence of Version 5. If you have security concerns, do use Version 5 while the security aspects of Version 6 are ironed out. It is however noteworthy that v6 uses only documented API’s for erasure and therefore the risk of corrupting your drives is lower than Version 5.

If you have read the disclaimer, follow the instructions about installing betas then Download it now.

File hashes:

  • SHA-1: 8f8e5bbc19b83e0e5ee4243d86aecd2ccae1ccca
  • SHA-256: 97202f560c3e774936ad9a0b523bad51fb367a2667068b
  • Whirlpool: 917649025132e156cff249daca37e7e1b9085b0a8030d