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    How to Fix iPhone That Stuck In Recovery Mode?

    iPhone stuck on apple logo? Step 1) Plug in your iDevice into your computer using the USB cable. Step 2) Press and hold the sleep/wake button and the home button simultaneously. Continue holding until the screen turns black and keep holding until the Apple logo reappears. Step 3) If this does...
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    How to Sync Music to iPhone from Computer

    For a music lover, to transfer iPhone data to your computer would be an ideal choice. Although iTunes offers excellent services to manage music, and videos on iPhone. It helps stream music, sync data from PC to iPhone, backup and restore and so on. However, it is hard for iPhone users to...
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    How to transfer messages from iPhone to Android?

    No doubt that iOS and Android are the most widely used mobile operation system today. So sync SMS from iPhone to Android phone could be a crucial issue we want to deal with. You may need a tool to cover this - Phone Transfer. Phone Transfer is an App that may copy messages from iPhone to Android...
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    How to Permanently Delete Everything from iPhone 6/5S/5 without Restore

    If you want to sell your old mobile phone to buy a new one. So that you need a tool to erase your all data because we do not want our privacy is compromised. Here I would like to recommend you a tool, which can erase your data completely. That is IOS Full Data Eraser. With the help of this...
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    How to Transfer Files from Android to PC

    Are you seeking an easy way to transfer data from Android phone to PC and keep them safe? As far as I am concerned, RecoveryTool Android Data Recovery will be a good choice for you. This software will offer a good solution for Android phone users to easily backup data from Samsung cell phone...
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    Data recovering software?

    Are you looking for a helpful tool to do data recovery? As far as I am concerned, RecoveryTool Android Data Recovery will be your good choice. It is the world's 1st data recovery software for Android smartphones and tablets. With the help of this program, you are able to recover deleted file...
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    Remove Screen Lock from Android Phone without Data Loss

    Android phones sometimes will be locked accidentally when people forget their passwords or enter the wrong password for too many times. Luckily, RecoveryTool Android Data Recovery is here to help you to unlock an Android phone without Any Data Loss.
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    How to backup Android messages?

    We sent and received plenty of text messages to and from business partners, friends or beloved ones, of which some truly mean a lot to us. Messages are not only carrying words, but meanings. Some from our lovers remind us of the good days we spent together, others from business friends are of...
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    How can I recover lost iphone photos and text messages?

    Some photos or SMS on your Android phone or SD card may be accidentally deleted. If it happens, don't worry. For RecoveryTool, RecoveryTool Android Data Recovery is a professional program for you to recover deleted photos and recover deleted messages on Android.
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    How to backup android phone data to computer?

    Do you feel the backup is not an easy task? Android data backup & restore will let you know backup is not difficult. Do you often forget to backup? But once you lost your data on Android device, you would feel very upset. Fortunately, RecoveryTool can backup and restore data on Android whenever...
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    can recover files

    Are you seeking a helpful and convenient tool to do files recovery? In my opinion, RecoveryTool will be a good choice of you.
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    Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android phone

    When you delete or lose your important messages on your Android phone accidentally, Android Data Recovery will be your good helper. You can use this program to recover deleted messages on Android.
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    How can i Recover Text Messages from Samsung J3?

    In our daily life, most of us deleted important messages on our Samsung phone accidentally. However, don't worry. With the RecoveryTool, you can easily retrieve deleted pictures from galaxy s3.
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    how to recover deleted files on android phone

    When sometimes we tap on our Android phone at random, something wrong maybe happens. You may delete some useful files incautiously. But worry no more. Here is a very helpful tool to share with you. Get more help on RecoveryTool.
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    How to Recover data from android phone using Mac?

    In my opinion, loss of data is a really very troublesome thing in the past. But now you can restore data by yourself using Mac. Here I would like to share a ideal tool for you. That is RecoveryTool Android Data Recovery, which you can recover deleted files from android phone.