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    How to transfer samsung galaxy contacts to computer?

    Transfer contacts from Samsung to computer is not difficult ,but it depend on you how to transfer or which one transfer software is you used ,if you want to transfer them of security , without any risk, i personal recommend you use a professional tool to accomplish is, as for me , i have succeed...
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    How to wipe personal data from cell phones and PCs Protect

    Here have a erasephone tool which is good at wipe personal data from iPhone,i suggest you can try ,
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    Eraser Error

    You are searching for a solutions on search engines, here is have a lot of different eraser tool , but i think you would have a hard time to deleted what you unwished if you use the general tool, what you need is s professional tool, without any risk,
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    How to backup android phone data to computer?

    I would like to suggest you can find a safe transfer tool , to prevent the phone data get lose,then,use it to transfer phone data to computer,in this way, the phone data be backup on the computer for a safe way to do,also you can manage them by using computer,
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    Data recovering software?

    If you are searching how to recover the lost phone data, then , i personal recommend Android Rescuer software that will help you to get the lost data back from telephone internal memory,