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    How to Recover Photos from Water Damaged Samsung A5?

    As soon as possible to scan your phone
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    How to edit android phone contacts on computer?

    At the first ,move the phone contacts to computer , then you are allowed to edit the contacts on computer , but once you transfer contacts from phone to computer , you need to connect your phone to computer with new or effective USB
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    How to backup Android messages?

    The back up phone data . once the phone files has been transfered to computer , it is ok , if you have created backup of the phone data . you can directly copy the data to the backup file, so easy
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    How can i Recover Text Messages from Samsung J3?

    The restore lost Samsung messages program is like the Android messages recovery program , but keep in mind , you need to install an effective recovery app and before you doing that , it is btter that you need to copy other phone data to other mobile phone for protect them