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    Erase of Recycle bin interrupted midway - what to do now?

    I believe all you can do is erase the unused disk space.
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    Can Eraser delete Whole Computer ???

    You need to use DBAN. I pulled this from the FAQ:
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    If I understand correctly, you first attempted to run DBAN using the 1 pass method, then you aborted at 33%. You then installed windows to the drive and have been using eraser to hit the unused disk space. If that's so, I highly doubt the files are recoverable because that means they have either...
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    over writting un-used diskspace making pc go weird

    It is really. Gutmann, the guy who came up with the method even said in an addendum to his well published paper that you only need to perform passes specific to the encoding technology used for your drive. You have a large capacity drive which means its considered to be modern (i think anything...
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    over writting un-used diskspace making pc go weird

    yeah, I did a 35 pass wipe on a 80gig drive one time and it took quite a few hours, i think it took a whole night. I only choose 1 or 3 passes now.
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    over writting un-used diskspace making pc go weird

    how big is your drive, and what method did you use to wipe, how many passes?
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    over writting un-used diskspace making pc go weird

    i've had my fonts change on me too while wiping free space. everytime its been solved by rebooting. this only happens to me when i try to use the computer while the freespace wipe is in progress. i've never had eraser corrupt or overwrite any files that it wasn't supposed to while doing a...
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    Dual-core question

    Can eraser take advantage of more than one processor core? Thanks
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    Erasing SSD's

    From what I understand, write endurance is not as big a deal as it once was because of better dynamic and static wear-leveling algorithms being used and the use of high endurance flash. Just as an example, there are drives from MTRON that claim write endurance greater than 140 years @ 50GB write...
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    Erasing SSD's

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    Erasing SSD's

    Will eraser work effectively on solid state disks, and if not, will there be an effective way to wipe such disks in the future? I know these disks will gain in popularity once the capacities go up and the price begins to level out.