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    Eraser keeps crashing

    i tried 585 worked perfectly no errors :o thanks :D
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    display problems?

    Hi povrats, how do i run eraser without cleaning cluster tips, i get a error during that, maybe if i skip that part it will work for me. Im going to try that beta, and see how i go. :D
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    Eraser keeps crashing

    i think that was amination movie thats deleted now, i tried searching my computer for it, i think it was deleted a while back i ran AVG free scanner and it didnt find anything and i ran CCleaner. it seems to get to that one file, then does a error report message.
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    Eraser keeps crashing

    I'm runnin XP home sp2 No firewall, or antivirus on cluster tips it crashes about 7% in on a file called c:\....\rashadermbsuvaminatio...hatesthashadowoclusi