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    Cluster Tips

    While erasing unused space Eraser starts with Cluster Tips using Pseudorandom Data. Recently I started getting a "Eraser has encountered a problem and has to close" popup when Eraser hits C:/.../t=1&e=sw%253D1024%25...526wt%253D9750[1].htm. I do a computer search, I comeup with no hits I search...
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    False files

    Two days ago in the morning at 2 am I decided to do a unused space wipe. I quit all unnessary processes then start the unused space wipe and then go to sleep, when I wake up the unused space wipe will be almost done. At 5:03 am something happens that never happened before, remember I am asleep...
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    change password?

    Look at the top of the page. To change password look under "Profile".
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    Wipe Cel Phones ?

    Can cel phones be wiped after owner decides he wants to get rid of the phone in a manor similar to deleting a file in a computer's Hard Drive, ether by downloading Eraser or by connecting it to a computer's parallel port or something...
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    Shutdown after finishing the erase process doesn't work

    I an using Eraser 5.8 beta. Yesterday before work I set-up a new task to wipe free space and keep it on the menu and when it is done to shut down, when I got home I found the computer still on. I just looked at Erasers Help file and the online FAQ and the quick Start Guide for any reference to...
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    Free space and Safe mode

    To reduce the amount of locked files I have been running free space wipes in Safe mode, is that a good idea. Also I saved a copy of the log in documents in safe mode, but when I restart in Normal mode the log is not in documents. How do I bring it back so I can access it normal mode.
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    Right Click Menu

    As my default browser I use Opera version 8.54 and Eraser 58 beta. When emtying my broswer cashe in explorer I go My Computer/C:/documents and settings/Administrator(me)/Application Data/Opera/profile/Cashe4 click edit/select all. When I right click on the selected to select erase from the sub...