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    MSN Messenger

    With regard to secure deletions using Eraser,can any of you kind people out there explain if any usage traces are left by MSN Messenger on ones computer after shut down,and how Eraser can help? I`m assuming all privacy precautions are taken via the preferences beforehand.And how secure is it in...
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    Files to wipe-Opera 7/Win98SE

    Just a note to say,and it may be useful to some, that I use Eraser to wipe the following files in Opera 7(and I`d be glad of any info. on any others!) which might come under the security/privacy category: C:Program FilesOpera7xxxxxxxx and adding the following instead of the xxx`s: Cache4...
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    I understand that the Windows 98SE swapfile erasing is best done in DOS,so is it possible to include this facility in with the main program? I assume(maybe incorrectly,but you`ll get my drift),that "Spider" does this process in the bacground,but the UI is in Windows-so is a similar way possible...