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    Create partitions to erase

    If I have a 60GB disk is it safe enough to chop it up in to 10GB chunks and then erase like that, and then delete those partitions to form one large disk again? It takes so long erasing an entire disk.
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    Saving time...

    I've got all my desing stuff moved on to another drive now but I need to wipe this disk as I will be giving it away for free, what is the quickest way to wipe and 80GB SATA? I hate waiting and was thinking of partitioning the drive into 10GB parts?
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    Erase locked files on boot

    I want to erase my firewall logs but I cannot due to them being in use, how do I make eraser erase these file son reboot or something?
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    Erase free space on memory stick?

    I have a Sony Cybershot camera and was thinking of experimenting with Eraser and the memory stick by erasing the free space. Will this harm my camera in any way if I do this? I did have an old memory stick I don't use any more but I cannot fond it to try it out on.
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    I might of not seen this option if it's there. How do I select which drive to nuke? Or do you not have choice?
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    MOD method

    What is the MOD method? The MOD method was built to wipe memory chips with 4 steps and not a 7 step hard drive wipe. What has been altered?