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    Does eraser really wipe free space on SSD drives?

    The FAQ on the ccCleaner sites claims that wiping free space on an solid state drive is useless, and will do nothing but reduce the life of the drive. Has eraser been tested on modern SSD drives?
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    "Done, with errors" Sort of like the program...

    Whenever I try to use eraser anywhere in my local settings folder (user/apdata/local) on Window 7, it doesn't work. These are not protected system files, and lockhunter says no processes are using them. Local settings is, of course, where a huge amount of sensitive data accumulates. The...
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    Eraser 6.0.7 doesn't work in Win 7

    I switiched to Win 7 after a hard disk crash. Wasn't a smooth installation, but it seems stable. Except for Eraser 6.0.7, which doesn't work from the contex menu. Either it claims to have erased the file "with errors" (but the file remains untouched," or a box pops up saying "an error has...