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  1. garrett01

    Completed with errors

    The problem has been responded to many times. Errors are caused by a variety of reasons e.g locked files , Anti -Virus application interfering, Disk errors etc You need to look there first before blaming eraser.
  2. garrett01


    in the root of the drive there is a directory called erasertmp - delete this. You can also try running eraser in 1 pass mode again until it completes.
  3. garrett01

    New Version

    1. There is now a version with runtimes 2. Updates are to the installer, compiler version and digital cert - the new cert requires a dongle to be used while signing wich means only we can sign the app. 3. yes there is press help in eraser and a PDF manual gets displayed.
  4. garrett01

    Eraser Not Working On Specific Profile

    This is caused by security settings - eraser needs admin access to the disk
  5. garrett01

    Why does my Eraser state "completed with errors" whenever I run a wipe of the recycle bin?

    Do you see any errors in the windows event log? Try turning off any Anti-virus applications as these can interfere with erasing.
  6. garrett01

    Unable to install any version on Windows 10

    can you try the latest version from sourceforge. I have it working here in Win10
  7. garrett01

    Erase data from a shared computer

    You should also do a freespace erase to get any temp files created/deleted by the application. I'm assuming here you have administrator control of the machine and can access all the drive.
  8. garrett01

    completed with error message

    Try turning off your anti-virus application while erasing the recycle bin. Also check the windows event log for any obvious errors
  9. garrett01

    Images deleted from right click Erase are easily recovered

    >>I ran the "Erase Free Space" option The free space erase will not remove files in the recycle bin or in hidden partitions (system restore), and it relies on the directory table being intact. Did you format the HDD and then try to erase free space and did the erase complete without any errors...
  10. garrett01

    Win10 Update KB308144 Failure

    Can you try installing the latest version .2970, I have it running here on a Win10 machine with all the latest patches and all working.
  11. garrett01

    erase empty space on schedule, a little bit at a time

    I don't think that would be possible as the disk is changing all the time. You are better off not doing what you suggest as the drive will wear out. Try creating an encrypted partition and storing the files there. Then erase the partition every night. If you create one the minimum size then...
  12. garrett01

    can't see eraser on my system

    right click in file explorer or see the icon in the lower right hand of screen
  13. garrett01

    User Documentation

    Would the attached help? PM me if you want the DOC version.
  14. garrett01

    Eraser bricked Surface Pro 3

    It is probable you triggered a latent fault in the machine. Are you certain you choose the correct drive to erase? >>I can't even boot off Windows DaRT USBs. That sounds like the motherboard has died.
  15. garrett01

    Eraser: Delete hard disc parallel

    You could try running eraser from the commnd line
  16. garrett01

    Erase file using pattern 00 or FF.

    Try creating a custom erase method that should do what you want.
  17. garrett01

    Loading Issue

    Uninstall eraser and then search the registry for eraser - If you installed it to the encrypted drive then the issue is that eraser needs that drive activated to load the com drivers.
  18. garrett01

    completed with error message

    Try running eraser as administrator and see what happens.
  19. garrett01

    Eraser is not a valid Win32 application

    Problem is to keep up with the latest Microsoft versions we are stuck in the same upgrade cycle. I'm going to look into XP at a later date as its a big job keeping so many versions working.
  20. garrett01

    Eraser in Windows Explorer

    i think it might be a bug in the installer or the J drive is not responding fast enough during bootup. Perhaps install on C and see if it now works.