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    How to deal with un-eraseable .zip files.

    Hi I have a number of .zip files that seem un-eraseable, as my recuva software recovers them totally intact. I think the reason they seem un-eraseable, is because there are a number of sub-folders within subfolders, in these .zip files. The .zip files contain subfolders within subfolders, and...
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    Help required please re zip files

    I can't seem to erase some zip files from my pc. I found them through recuva, all intact after using eraser. please can you help thanks
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    Items that you have cut and pasted to usb drives.

    Hi I have some .zip files that eraser just didn't erase from my hard drive. I was able to recover them in tact. I think it is because there are sub-folders within sub-folders within sub-folders in this .zip file. There are some docx files in these folders which I don't want anyone to see. As...
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    erasing attachments received with emails?

    Hi someone has sent me an email with a document as an attachment. Will it be retrievable if I just delete the email, it's an outlook hotmail account. If so, how do i use eraser to delete the email? Thanks
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    Has eraser really erased all these files.

    Hi I just right clicked on a couple of zip files on my hard drive, and asked eraser to erase them. These two zip files had loads of folders within folders within folders. More like great-gradparent files rather than parent files. This is because I moved these files a few times from one...