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    Sync iPhone Data with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    As you means , we need to transfer the data from iPhone to Samsung or Samsung to iPhone ?
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    Sync iPhone Data with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    If you want to synce the files from iPhone to Samsung, you need to operation on computer
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    How can i Recover Text Messages from Samsung J3?

    In general , the Samsung phone use the phone memory to stored the lot of or all the data , you can restore from here after them was deleted
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    how to recover deleted files on android phone

    No matter you are lost Android or iPhone , as long as the phone data has not been covered , we still can recover them back with reco recovery tool
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    How to erase messages from iPhone before selling?

    iPhone cleaner comes offers you the most effective and safest data erase solution to permanently wiping all personal data before selling ,you can complete this iPhone messages erase program with just one click. If you just need move some junk files to speed up your phone, then iPhone cleaner is...