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    How to Permanently Delete Everything from iPhone 6/5S/5 without Restore

    Generally speaking! the simple deletion can't satify users requirement , we need to deeply erase photos from iPhone with an effective solution,
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    How to backup android phone data to computer?

    Backup? first , why not use the android transfer software to transfer android data to computer, it can easily backup your phone data on the computer ,even if you lost the phone data by mistake or accident, you 'll be able to restore the deleted or lost phone data from previous backups, the most...
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    how to recover deleted files on android phone

    Recover deleted files from android is not difficult , the key is that which recovery software you choose ,as well know ,en effective way for users to recover deleted phone data is very important ,i personal suggest you can try Android Rescuer to get them back ,
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    how to recover deleted files on android phone

    As for me , i wan to full or security recover deleted phone data from android , i need to use the effective software to solve this problems, because of the general software can't satisfy our requirement ,it will cause a lot of trouble to we telephone,
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    How to transfer samsung galaxy contacts to computer?

    I have tried many times, but all useless, it can't full transfer android contacts to computer, i see, what i need is a professional tool to accomplish it , who have any good idea?
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    How can I recover lost iphone photos and text messages?

    In my opinion ,you can try this phone data recovery software, whether they want to recover deleted messages or recover lost photo from android , it still help you get them back for a more security way,