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    Is Downloaded 5.7 Version Fully Functional?

    Eraser 5.7 Eraser v5.7 is indeed free,see: and look at the top left of the page. Secondly,v5.7 is fully functional-or mine is,it seems! Thirdly go to: and scroll down to this section of the page: "Unused/Free Disc Space" where all...
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    Help Understanding What to Erase

    Personally,I overwrite free space once with pseudo random data-but my level of paranoia is not high enough to wait for it to do it 2 or 3 times(which might be preferable!)-as it takes 2.5 hours just for the once!Secondly,if in your cicumstances I would have probably have better done these(say) 2...
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    Help Understanding What to Erase

    Well,I`m afraid this subject has been well covered: ... a9bcab37d9 I think it all really depends on who the computer is being donated to! The advice given in the above posts would ideally apply to donation to a complete stranger.To someone you feel...
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    Simple guide to deleting internet content with Eraser!!

    I agree! So why not give them a machine with a totally sanitized HD,and let them install whatever OS and applications they want? You`ll be reassured,and they can tailor the operation of the machine to their own requirements.
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    MSN Messenger

    With regard to secure deletions using Eraser,can any of you kind people out there explain if any usage traces are left by MSN Messenger on ones computer after shut down,and how Eraser can help? I`m assuming all privacy precautions are taken via the preferences beforehand.And how secure is it in...
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    Simple guide to deleting internet content with Eraser!!

    It would be interesting if you could give us the name of this Forum,that seems to give such doubtful information. Eraser does "what it says on the tin!" -if the rest of us on here that try to give advice are convinced,why worry further? Also,both Spybot and Ad-Aware delete from the Registry as...
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    Wiped File Names Still Visible - Is This Right?

    Free space wipe I`m sure that Sami when mentioning this problem recommended erasing free space then defragging and free space wiping again,to ensure that all file names are totally removed - as far as possible that is! The difficulty still is, surely,that you always have to be absolutely sure...
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    Simple guide to deleting internet content with Eraser!!

    Further thoughts. It might be worthwhile downloading this little application: which will enable you to have a pretty good look at what might be still lurking on your hard drive that you might wish to remove! It is a little bit awkward to discover...
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    Simple guide to deleting internet content with Eraser!!

    I do feel that the purchase of an application like Window Washer might well fill the bill in this case.It is reputed to make a good fist of all the tasks required of it,with the possible exception of wiping disc free space.However,Eraser is well able to complete that task,as most of us know...
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    Simple guide to deleting internet content with Eraser!!

    I`m a liitle bit puzzled by your query! You seem to imply that the content of your hard drive is entirely normal,but then go on to mention that you don`t want anyone to trace your internet actitvity,or use expensive recovery soft ware on your HDD! May I respectfully suggest,that if your HDD...
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    How many times?

    Erasing Just one other point-no mention was made of the paging/swap file.I have disabled mine anyway(XP/SP2),but has its remaing in use any relevance to the original query? Many thanks!
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    Think this has come up before! FAQ needs a rewrite maybe? Can`t see how you can overwrite data burned onto a plastic disk with Eraser-maybe they can explain!
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    `Fraid Eraser is only suitable for erasing data from magnetic media ole buddy.Suggest you write anything needed from the old CD-RWs, to new media, and burn the old ones!
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    Eraser and physical damage to hard disc

    Interesting point about the " the more frequently the magnetization on a recording media is changed, the better: leaving a recording on a magnetic media a long time, including a hard disk, tends to make changing that recording more difficult at a later date. The old recording tends to become...
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    Eraser 5.7 and Win XP

    Sorry! Well,the short answer is no. You do not mention the size of your HDD,but I suspect it is a lot bigger than on your old machine,and herin lies the rub! I presume you are talking about a free space wipe,and if it`s any consolation,it takes about 2.5hrs to do one pass on my 160gb HDD with a...
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    Eraser Shell Extension *Critical Bug*

    I imagine you have tried running Eraser with no apps. running in the background whatsoever,and if it works, maybe a pruning of those apps. which are not essential would help in case of any conflicts. I must confess to no trouble with Eraser on either W98SE or WinXP/SP2,but I have been ruthless...
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    Eraser, difference between free version and paid version?

    Eraser Eraser is FREE! Any sum mentioned is by way of a donation to help maintain the software.Go to: and enjoy the benefits!
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    Basic, But Important, Questions...

    My this is fascinating stuff!Just as a side note Vince,there is(well I got a copy!) still a free version of BC Wipe at: I know it has since been upgraded,but to my inexpert eye,does not seem too different from the current version.I make no...
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    Files to wipe-Opera 7/Win98SE

    Just a note to say,and it may be useful to some, that I use Eraser to wipe the following files in Opera 7(and I`d be glad of any info. on any others!) which might come under the security/privacy category: C:Program FilesOpera7xxxxxxxx and adding the following instead of the xxx`s: Cache4...
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    index.dat and internet cache

    Hi there bluemonday_2000! Have you thought of using another browser? There are one or two good alternatives to Internet Explorer out there(and lots of turkeys!),so why not try one? The ones I have in mind I use regularly,and are much more secure than I.E. in any form.They are also much easier to...