get back huawei p20 sms

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    How to Recover Deleted SMS Messages from Huawei P20/Pro?

    HUAWEI P20's new aurora adopts an innovative gradient color matching scheme, which creates a fascinating tapered "Aurora belt" on the back of the fuselage through an advanced nanovacuum optical coating technology. HUAWEI P20 carries the kylin 970 processor +4GB memory; equipped with 3400mAh...
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    How to Recover Deleted SMS from Huawei P20(Pro)?

    HUAWEI P series mobile phones have been simple and fashionable designs. This HUAWEI P20 series is of course the same style. The HUAWEI P20 series does not use the previous metal fuselage, but uses double sided glass material, both hand and visual. Color HUAWEI P20 has the aurora color, cherry...