lg data recovery

  1. onyiersan

    How to Recover Deleted Data from LG Android Phone

    If you lost or deleted data on your LG cell phone, this post will tells you an easy way to recover lost data from LG phone, such as photos, contacts, videos and messages. You can follow the steps to retrieve deleted files from any LG mobile phone, such as LG G5/G4/G3/G2 , ect. U.Fone Android...
  2. Iris Cheng

    How to Recover Deleted Data from LG V30/V20/V10/G7/G6/G5

    Are you still annoyed by accidentally deleting important data from your LG phone? No need! Actually, the deleted data did not disappear. According to the principle of data recovery: “As long as the deleted data is not overwritten by the new data, it is possible to be recovered.” Wonder how to...