All in one tool for your mails


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No not a joke.
the tool is
-universal mail converter: you can convert any mail stored in entourage/thunderbird/mac/outlook/postbox to any type of your choice.

-universal viewer: you can import any mail from windows/mac to your mac without a hitch.

-mail archiver: it will archive the mails.

-mail backup: you can create a mirror base to back these mails to a drive of your choice

-smart auto backup: it starts transferring your files automatically to the storage once you connect it to your mac and alerts whenthe drive is about to lack further space.

I don't find any reason of running behind different tools if you receive all the services in a single packet.

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is that tool for mac only? cause i am having a windows system. and its time that i backup the mails in that system too. i am giving this tool a try for my mac. hope the tool meets your boasts.