Apple Music Converter Android: Play Apple Music on Android Phone and Devices Offline


We can use Apple Music for Android app to download and listen to music on Apple Music app, this is the most direct method. Unfortunately, not all android devices are compatible with Apple Music app.

In addition, Apple Music added DRM protection, if you unsubscribe from Apple Music, all songs will missing. On the other way, Apple Music on Android still has few bugs and other problems. So we can work out this problem in another way - convert Apple Music to MP3 and transfer to Android phones/ tables, this is the best way to keep Apple Music songs on Android phone forever, you can also listen to Apple Music offline. So, what you need is an UkeySoft Apple Music Converter to remove DRM and convert Apple Music to common audio formats such as MP3 supported by almost Android devices.
Please read the guide about How to convert Apple Music to Android


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Of course, we can download Apple Music APP on Android phone now to listen Apple Music playlist online or offline. But if unsubscribed to the Apple Music, we can't play Apple Music library either. Why not remove DRM from Apple Music library, we can save the playlist forever without DRM.
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