How to Convert iTunes M4P Music to MP3?


Apple Music tracks and some of purchased iTunes music are DRM-protected M4P tracks, which means they can’t be played on "unauthorized" devices. The downloaded Apple Music songs come in m4p format which can't be played on MP3 player, iPod nano, Xbox, PS4, Android tablet, etc.

If you need to convert Apple Music M4P files to MP3 format to play on your MP3 player or mobile device, then this post will help you find a complete help guide to know which software is better to get the faster conversion using an M4P to MP3 converter tool. With our recommendation, you will no longer have such problems. Now read on and don't miss the best and free ways to convert iTunes M4P songs to MP3 with iTunes.

How to Convert iTunes M4P to MP3 with iTunes?

Generally, M4P to MP3 conversion with iTunes is comprised of Download iTunes on your computer > Select your desired format > Convert the files.

Step 1. First of all, download iTunes based on your computer system. Then launch it after installation and go to iTunes tab > Preferences on Mac, or Edit > Preferences if you're using Windows.

Step 2. Go to General button and click on Import Settings, select MP3 Encoder from the Import pop-up menu and click on OK to save the settings.

Note: If you still need to import some songs, you can choose to import and convert them at the same time. The new songs will show up as MP3 files in your iTunes library.

Step 3. Select the songs in your library, then click on File > Create New Version > Create MP3 Version. Now you will convert them, just wait for the files be ready and you will find your MP3 songs in iTunes library after a while.

Tips: Apple Music tracks added DRM protection, if you want to convert Apple Music M4P files to MP3, you need to use an Apple Music to MP3 Converter.