How to erase data from Samsung Galaxy phone?


Samsung Galaxy S7 is released for a long time. If you want to resell your old Samsung Galaxy phone for it, you need to remember this. Before selling your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, you should completely erase data on it to protect privacy with professional data erasing tool. Samsung Data Eraser offers you the easiest way to erase data from old Samsung Galaxy phone.


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Turn off your device, then press the Power, Volume Up and Home Buttons until you see the Recovery Booting Message on the screen. You will now have entered the Hard Factory reset Mode, where you can Wipe Data, Wipe Cache and perform a Hard Factory Reset of your device. You will use the Volume Controls to navigate the screen and the Power Button to Confirm your actions.


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For iPhone, you can use FoneDog - iOS Data Eraser:

  • Easy and Simple, it is just click-through process.
  • You can erase full data or select priavte data you want to erase.
  • Permanently erase your private data, and absolutely unrecoverable.
  • No one can ever recover or view the erased data.
For Android, you can use FoneDog - Android Data Eraser:

  • Erase text message, contacts, photos, call history and all private data
  • Wipe your Android completely and permanently
  • Erase All Kinds of Personal Data on Your Android
  • Easy of use, supports all Android devices


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You can perform a factory reset, or use a mobile data eraser, which is much easier to erase all the data from Samsung Galaxy phone completely and permanently without recovery. Besides, it only needs a few steps to finish its process. Why not give it a try! Good luck.


you have to hard reset your phone, it will erase all your data like pictures, videos, images and your accounts that are associated with your e-mail and social media.