MacBook Pro Overheating? How to Fix it

During use MacBooks and other computers tend to be warm but at times overheating does happen. The latter is not an issue that should be ignored. If your Macbook Pro is extremely and is even hard to lay a finger on, you need to get help. How can you deal with macbook pro overheating? Read on and learn how to take resolve this issue.
An overheating Mac should never be ignored. It should be corrected as soon as possible. It is risky to the well-being of the machine. The fans are particularly very noisy and the machine can crush. This can lead to the loss of unsaved data or worse, all the data in the Mac. The first thing to do is to find out what is causing the Mac to overheat. There are various methods you can use and we will be looking at them. Thereafter, we will look at different ways of fixing an overheating Mac.

First Steps in Stopping an Overheated Macbook Pro

1. Check the Macbook Pro’s Fan
The first amd most noticeable signs of an overheating Mac is a noisy fan that runs on high speed all the time. The fan is always on, suddenly running more and makes a lot of noise. This is usually due to the overheating which causes the fan to try to work even harder to cool the machine. In other cases, the fan may be broken and not working properly. In the latter case, replacing the fan may be all you have to do to solve the problem.

2. Check Activity Monitor

A runaway app is one that uses up too much of the resources the Mac has. These are often in a caught in a pool where they drain CPU, memory and power resources leaving other apps with little to use. These usually cause the Mac’s speed to reduce and later on overheating starts. To check these runaway apps and stop them you can use the activity monitor.

To open this, go to "Applications" then "Utility" then "Activity Monitor". Once there, click on the CPU column and check for apps that rare using up more than 80% of the CPU. These are the ones causing the laptop to overheat. Double click on these apps and click on quit. You will notice an instant improvement in performance and the laptop will cool down.

3. Using Third Party App

CleanMyMac 3 is an app that has many user-friendly tools. These are very handy in ensuring that the Mac remains at its optimum performance. To deal with the issue of MacBook Pro overheating, CleanMyMac has a tool that can be used to check the temperatures. This way you can know when to take action. CleanMyMac also allows users to set smart health alert that notifies them when the temperatures are not so "healthy".

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