Split BKF files. How to recover them?


I am having trouble restoring my BKF files. They are created by Symantec Backup Exec 12.0. The files are split into multiple parts, for example: 4 GB each. These files contain around 240 GB of data. Whenever I try to restore any of them, I just can't. I have no idea how to restore my BKF files. Please help me. It's urgent.
BKF recovery software which recovers all data from corrupt BKF files without generating any difficulties. Furthermore, you can restore bkf recovery software in windows 7 and windows 8 platform with help of this software.


* The user interface of Advanced Microsoft BKF Repair Tool is self-understandable.
* Complete scanning of corrupted backup files before performing data recovery.
* It does not alter properties of original objects and remains the folder hierarchy as it is.
* Useful to short out any error in BKF file.
* Allow to see content after finishing data recovery process
* Demo tool shows complete process of backup file recovery
* Around the clock user assistance to resolve erroneous issues
* Recovers damaged video, pictures, ppt, Word documents etc quickly.

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