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Following the discussion that Authenticode should also be used when verifying plugins on first load, I've now changed the Compiling Eraser instructions so that a Strong Name Key file is used without password protection by default; Authenticode keys will be assumed to be in the Solution root folder, and the release binaries will be signed before the installer is compiled. Bootstrapper will be signed after linking.

1goto :Sign
3:: pass params to a subroutine
4SET _params=%*
5CALL :Sign "%_params%"
6GOTO :eof
9@rem Core binaries
10signtool sign /f "%~1\Authenticode.pfx" "%~1\bin\Release\Eraser.exe"
11signtool sign /f "%~1\Authenticode.pfx" "%~1\bin\Release\Eraser.Manager.dll"
12signtool sign /f "%~1\Authenticode.pfx" "%~1\bin\Release\Eraser.Util.dll"
13signtool sign /f "%~1\Authenticode.pfx" "%~1\bin\Release\Plugins\Eraser.DefaultPlugins.dll"
15@rem Internationalisations
16signtool sign /f "%~1\Authenticode.pfx" "%~1\bin\Release\Eraser.exe"
17signtool sign /f "%~1\Authenticode.pfx" "%~1\bin\Release\Eraser.Manager.dll"
18signtool sign /f "%~1\Authenticode.pfx" "%~1\bin\Release\Eraser.Util.dll"
19signtool sign /f "%~1\Authenticode.pfx" "%~1\bin\Release\Plugins\Eraser.DefaultPlugins.dll"
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