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Sign and timestamp all distributables. I've removed signing from the Wix project because x64 build "fails" with errors that aren't really errors, so those will be signed manually together with the bootstrapper.

1goto :Sign
3:: pass params to a subroutine
4SET _params=%*
5CALL :Sign "%_params%"
6GOTO :eof
9@rem Core binaries
10signtool sign /f "%~1\Authenticode.pfx"^
11 /t "%~1\bin\Release\Eraser.exe"^
12 "%~1\bin\Release\Eraser.Manager.dll" "%~1\bin\Release\Eraser.Util.dll"^
13 "%~1\bin\Release\Plugins\Eraser.DefaultPlugins.dll" "%~1\bin\Release\Eraser.Shell (x64).dll"^
14 "%~1\bin\Release\Eraser.Shell (Win32).dll" ^
15 ^
16 "%~1\bin\Release\en\Eraser.Manager.resources.dll" "%~1\bin\Release\en\Eraser.resources.dll"^
17 "%~1\bin\Release\nl\Eraser.Manager.resources.dll" "%~1\bin\Release\nl\Eraser.resources.dll"^
18 "%~1\bin\Release\Plugins\en\Eraser.DefaultPlugins.resources.dll"^
19 "%~1\bin\Release\Plugins\nl\Eraser.DefaultPlugins.resources.dll"
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