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Updated TODO list.

2.   Joel
3*   Kaz
61. Next Scheduled run
72. Test multi-target tasks
83. Are file names of ADSes changeable and would leaving them be a security risk?
94. Allow pattern wiping. ie write a user-provided pattern to the disk for an erasure pass
121. Allow runtime Plugin Load
132. Add APIs for the Verify feature
143. Resolve locked files on restart
154* Context menu. Find a way to port the Explorer context menu to C#.
16   -Allow shift-delete to erase the file
17   -And optionally replace the recycle bin with Eraser
18   -Recycle bin erasure
19   -Allow users to select erasure passes from recycle bin context menu
205. Allow Eraser to be minimized to the system tray
216. Integrated update function (as a plugin?)
227. Allow users to specify that they want their page file to be encrypted under Vista.
23   fsutil behavior set encryptpagingfile 1
261. More intelligent default settings selection
272. Can't we filter variable names out of getText pots? We also need to add exception
28   strings and such stuff from the other projects.
311. Progress calculation when cluster tip erasure is disabled
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