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Make the generation of help text for addtask parameters done by the plugins, since the arguments are passed to them, they should document their own CLIs. To do this, the ICliConfigurer interface was modified.

1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
3  <!--
4    Microsoft ResX Schema
6    Version 2.0
8    The primary goals of this format is to allow a simple XML format
9    that is mostly human readable. The generation and parsing of the
10    various data types are done through the TypeConverter classes
11    associated with the data types.
13    Example:
15    ... headers & schema ...
16    <resheader name="resmimetype">text/microsoft-resx</resheader>
17    <resheader name="version">2.0</resheader>
18    <resheader name="reader">System.Resources.ResXResourceReader, System.Windows.Forms, ...</resheader>
19    <resheader name="writer">System.Resources.ResXResourceWriter, System.Windows.Forms, ...</resheader>
20    <data name="Name1"><value>this is my long string</value><comment>this is a comment</comment></data>
21    <data name="Color1" type="System.Drawing.Color, System.Drawing">Blue</data>
22    <data name="Bitmap1" mimetype="application/">
23        <value>[base64 mime encoded serialized .NET Framework object]</value>
24    </data>
25    <data name="Icon1" type="System.Drawing.Icon, System.Drawing" mimetype="application/">
26        <value>[base64 mime encoded string representing a byte array form of the .NET Framework object]</value>
27        <comment>This is a comment</comment>
28    </data>
30    There are any number of "resheader" rows that contain simple
31    name/value pairs.
33    Each data row contains a name, and value. The row also contains a
34    type or mimetype. Type corresponds to a .NET class that support
35    text/value conversion through the TypeConverter architecture.
36    Classes that don't support this are serialized and stored with the
37    mimetype set.
39    The mimetype is used for serialized objects, and tells the
40    ResXResourceReader how to depersist the object. This is currently not
41    extensible. For a given mimetype the value must be set accordingly:
43    Note - application/ is the format
44    that the ResXResourceWriter will generate, however the reader can
45    read any of the formats listed below.
47    mimetype: application/
48    value   : The object must be serialized with
49            : System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary.BinaryFormatter
50            : and then encoded with base64 encoding.
52    mimetype: application/
53    value   : The object must be serialized with
54            : System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Soap.SoapFormatter
55            : and then encoded with base64 encoding.
57    mimetype: application/
58    value   : The object must be serialized into a byte array
59            : using a System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter
60            : and then encoded with base64 encoding.
61    -->
62  <xsd:schema id="root" xmlns="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:msdata="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xml-msdata">
63    <xsd:import namespace="" />
64    <xsd:element name="root" msdata:IsDataSet="true">
65      <xsd:complexType>
66        <xsd:choice maxOccurs="unbounded">
67          <xsd:element name="metadata">
68            <xsd:complexType>
69              <xsd:sequence>
70                <xsd:element name="value" type="xsd:string" minOccurs="0" />
71              </xsd:sequence>
72              <xsd:attribute name="name" use="required" type="xsd:string" />
73              <xsd:attribute name="type" type="xsd:string" />
74              <xsd:attribute name="mimetype" type="xsd:string" />
75              <xsd:attribute ref="xml:space" />
76            </xsd:complexType>
77          </xsd:element>
78          <xsd:element name="assembly">
79            <xsd:complexType>
80              <xsd:attribute name="alias" type="xsd:string" />
81              <xsd:attribute name="name" type="xsd:string" />
82            </xsd:complexType>
83          </xsd:element>
84          <xsd:element name="data">
85            <xsd:complexType>
86              <xsd:sequence>
87                <xsd:element name="value" type="xsd:string" minOccurs="0" msdata:Ordinal="1" />
88                <xsd:element name="comment" type="xsd:string" minOccurs="0" msdata:Ordinal="2" />
89              </xsd:sequence>
90              <xsd:attribute name="name" type="xsd:string" use="required" msdata:Ordinal="1" />
91              <xsd:attribute name="type" type="xsd:string" msdata:Ordinal="3" />
92              <xsd:attribute name="mimetype" type="xsd:string" msdata:Ordinal="4" />
93              <xsd:attribute ref="xml:space" />
94            </xsd:complexType>
95          </xsd:element>
96          <xsd:element name="resheader">
97            <xsd:complexType>
98              <xsd:sequence>
99                <xsd:element name="value" type="xsd:string" minOccurs="0" msdata:Ordinal="1" />
100              </xsd:sequence>
101              <xsd:attribute name="name" type="xsd:string" use="required" />
102            </xsd:complexType>
103          </xsd:element>
104        </xsd:choice>
105      </xsd:complexType>
106    </xsd:element>
107  </xsd:schema>
108  <resheader name="resmimetype">
109    <value>text/microsoft-resx</value>
110  </resheader>
111  <resheader name="version">
112    <value>2.0</value>
113  </resheader>
114  <resheader name="reader">
115    <value>System.Resources.ResXResourceReader, System.Windows.Forms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089</value>
116  </resheader>
117  <resheader name="writer">
118    <value>System.Resources.ResXResourceWriter, System.Windows.Forms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089</value>
119  </resheader>
120  <data name="Random Data" xml:space="preserve">
121    <value>Dati "casuali"</value>
122  </data>
123  <data name="Constant ({0} bytes)" xml:space="preserve">
124    <value>Costante ({0} bytes)</value>
125  </data>
126  <data name="The name of the custom method cannot be empty." xml:space="preserve">
127    <value>Il nome del metodo custom non può essere vuoto.</value>
128  </data>
129  <data name="The method needs to have at least one pass defined." xml:space="preserve">
130    <value>Il metodo richiede di avere almeno un passo definito.</value>
131  </data>
132  <data name="The pass constant cannot be displayed as text because it contains invalid characters." xml:space="preserve">
133    <value>La costante di passo non può essere mostrata come testo perchè contiene caratteri non validi.</value>
134  </data>
135  <data name="Eraser" xml:space="preserve">
136    <value>Eraser</value>
137  </data>
138  <data name="The pass constant must not be empty." xml:space="preserve">
139    <value>La costante di passo non deve essere vuota.</value>
140  </data>
141  <data name="The input text is invalid for the current data type. Valid hexadecimal characters are the digits 0-9 and letters A-F" xml:space="preserve">
142    <value>Il valore indicato non è valido per il tipo di dato. I caratteri esadecimali validi sono i numerii compresi fra 0 e 9 e le lettere fra A e F</value>
143  </data>
144  <data name="Default Erasure Methods and PRNGs" xml:space="preserve">
145    <value>Metodi di pulizia di default e PRNGs</value>
146  </data>
147  <data name="The Eraser Project &lt;;" xml:space="preserve">
148    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
149  </data>
150  <data name="RNGCryptoServiceProvider" xml:space="preserve">
151    <value>RNGCryptoServiceProvider</value>
152  </data>
153  <data name="An invalid erasure method was selected." xml:space="preserve">
154    <value>E' stato selezionato un metodo di pulizia non valido.</value>
155  </data>
156  <data name="Could not erase directory entries on the volume {0} because the volume is currently in use." xml:space="preserve">
157    <value>Impossibile pulire i puntamenti ai folder sul volume {0} perchè è attualmente in uso.</value>
158  </data>
159  <data name="The folder {0} cannot be deleted as it is not empty." xml:space="preserve">
160    <value>La cartella {0} non può essere cancellata perhcè non è vuota.</value>
161  </data>
162  <data name="The file {0} could not be erased because the file's permissions prevent access to the file." xml:space="preserve">
163    <value>Non è stato possibile pulire il file {0} perchè i permessi su di esso ne impediscono l'accesso.</value>
164  </data>
165  <data name="The file {0} is currently in use and cannot be removed." xml:space="preserve">
166    <value>Il file {0} è attualmente in uso e non può essere rimosso.</value>
167  </data>
168  <data name="Could not force closure of file \&quot;{0}\&quot; {1}(locked by {0})" xml:space="preserve">
169    <value>Impossibile forzare la chiusura del file \"{0}\" {1}(in uso da {0})</value>
170  </data>
171  <data name="Could not erase cluster tips in {0} as the volume is not mounted." xml:space="preserve">
172    <value>Non sono stati puliti i cluster tips in {0} perchè il volumen non è montato.</value>
173  </data>
174  <data name="{0} did not have its cluster tips erased because you do not have the required permissions to erase the file cluster tips." xml:space="preserve">
175    <value>Non sono stati puliti i cluster tips di {0} perchè non in possesso dei necessari permessi.</value>
176  </data>
177  <data name="{0} did not have its cluster tips erased. The error returned was: {1}" xml:space="preserve">
178    <value>Non sono stati puliti i cluster tips di {0}. L'errore ricevuto è: {1}</value>
179  </data>
180  <data name="Files in {0} did not have their cluster tips erased because it is a hard link or a symbolic link." xml:space="preserve">
181    <value>Non sono stati puliti i cluster tips dei files in {0} perchè è un hard link oppure un symbolic link.</value>
182  </data>
183  <data name="{0} did not have its cluster tips erased, because it is a system file" xml:space="preserve">
184    <value>Non sono stati puliti i cluster tips di {0} perchè è un file di sistema.</value>
185  </data>
186  <data name="{0} did not have its cluster tips erased because it is a hard link or a symbolic link." xml:space="preserve">
187    <value>Non sono stati puliti i cluster tips di {0} perchè è un hard link oppure un symbolic link.</value>
188  </data>
189  <data name="{0} did not have its cluster tips erased because it is compressed, encrypted or a sparse file." xml:space="preserve">
190    <value>Non sono stati puliti i cluster tips di {0} perchè è compresso, crittato o distribuito.</value>
191  </data>
192  <data name="{0} did not have its cluster tips erased because of the following error: {1}" xml:space="preserve">
193    <value>Non sono stati puliti i cluster tips di {0} per il seguente errore: {1}</value>
194  </data>
195  <data name="Files in {0} did not have its cluster tips erased because of the following error: {1}" xml:space="preserve">
196    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
197  </data>
198  <data name="Drive/Partition" xml:space="preserve">
199    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
200  </data>
201  <data name="Hard disk {0}" xml:space="preserve">
202    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
203  </data>
204  <data name="Partition: {0}" xml:space="preserve">
205    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
206  </data>
207  <data name="Hard disk {0} Partition {1}" xml:space="preserve">
208    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
209  </data>
210  <data name="Partition" xml:space="preserve">
211    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
212  </data>
213  <data name="The program does not have the required permissions to erase the unused space on disk. Run the program as an administrator and retry the operation." xml:space="preserve">
214    <value>Il programma non ha i necessari permessi per pulire li spazio libero sul disco. Esegui il programma "as an administrator" e riprova l'operazione</value>
215  </data>
216  <data name="The program does not have the required permissions to erase the unused space on disk." xml:space="preserve">
217    <value>Il programma non ha i necessari permessi per pulire li spazio libero sul disco.</value>
218  </data>
219  <data name="The Drive erasure target requires a volume or physical drive selected for erasure." xml:space="preserve">
220    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
221  </data>
222  <data name="The task was cancelled." xml:space="preserve">
223    <value>L'operazione è stata annullata.</value>
224  </data>
225  <data name="Hard disk {0} ({1})" xml:space="preserve">
226    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
227  </data>
228  <data name="Partition {0} ({1})" xml:space="preserve">
229    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
230  </data>
231  <data name="Partition ({0})" xml:space="preserve">
232    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
233  </data>
234  <data name="Partition {0}" xml:space="preserve">
235    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
236  </data>
237  <data name="drive               Erases partitions, volumes or drives\r\n  arguments:\r\n    drive=\Device\Harddisk&lt;index&gt;\r\n    drive=\\.\PhysicalDrive&lt;index&gt;\r\n    drive=\\?\Volume&lt;guid&gt;" xml:space="preserve">
238    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
239  </data>
240  <data name="File" xml:space="preserve">
241    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
242  </data>
243  <data name="Invalid file path" xml:space="preserve">
244    <value>Percorso del file non valido</value>
245  </data>
246  <data name="file                Erases the specified file\r\n  argument: file=&lt;path&gt;" xml:space="preserve">
247    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
248  </data>
249  <data name="Could not erase files and subfolders in {0} because {1}" xml:space="preserve">
250    <value>Impossibile pulire files e cartelle in {0} perchè {1}</value>
251  </data>
252  <data name="Erasing files..." xml:space="preserve">
253    <value>Pulizia file...</value>
254  </data>
255  <data name="The file {0} was not erased as the file does not exist." xml:space="preserve">
256    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
257  </data>
258  <data name="The file {0} could not be erased because the file was either compressed, encrypted or a sparse file." xml:space="preserve">
259    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
260  </data>
261  <data name="The file {0} is a hard link or a symbolic link thus the contents of the file was not erased." xml:space="preserve">
262    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
263  </data>
264  <data name="Files in Folder" xml:space="preserve">
265    <value>File in cartella</value>
266  </data>
267  <data name="Removing folders..." xml:space="preserve">
268    <value>Pulizia cartelle...</value>
269  </data>
270  <data name="The folder {0} could not be deleted because the folder's permissions prevents the deletion of the folder." xml:space="preserve">
271    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
272  </data>
273  <data name="Invalid folder path" xml:space="preserve">
274    <value>Percorso non valido</value>
275  </data>
276  <data name="dir                 Erases files and folders in the directory\r\n  arguments: dir=&lt;directory&gt;[,-excludeMask][,+includeMask][,deleteIfEmpty]\r\n    excludeMask     A wildcard expression for files and folders to\r\n                    exclude.\r\n    includeMask     A wildcard expression for files and folders to\r\n                    include.\r\n                    The include mask is applied before the exclude mask.\r\n    deleteIfEmpty   Deletes the folder at the end of the erasure if it is\r\n                    empty." xml:space="preserve">
277    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
278  </data>
279  <data name="The path you selected is invalid." xml:space="preserve">
280    <value>Il percorso scelto non è valido</value>
281  </data>
282  <data name="Recycle Bin" xml:space="preserve">
283    <value>Cestino</value>
284  </data>
285  <data name="Emptying recycle bin..." xml:space="preserve">
286    <value>Svuotamento cestino...</value>
287  </data>
288  <data name="recyclebin          Erases files and folders in the recycle bin" xml:space="preserve">
289    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
290  </data>
291  <data name="Secure move" xml:space="preserve">
292    <value>Spostamento sicuro</value>
293  </data>
294  <data name="Securely move {0}" xml:space="preserve">
295    <value>Spostamento sicuro di {0}</value>
296  </data>
297  <data name="Securely moving files and folders..." xml:space="preserve">
298    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
299  </data>
300  <data name="Erasing incomplete destination file" xml:space="preserve">
301    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
302  </data>
303  <data name="Erasing source files..." xml:space="preserve">
304    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
305  </data>
306  <data name="Copying source files to destination..." xml:space="preserve">
307    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
308  </data>
309  <data name="move                Securely moves a file/directory to a new location\r\n  arguments: move=&lt;source&gt;|&lt;destination&gt;" xml:space="preserve">
310    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
311  </data>
312  <data name="Select the Source folder" xml:space="preserve">
313    <value>Seleziona la cartella sorgente</value>
314  </data>
315  <data name="Select the Source file" xml:space="preserve">
316    <value>Seleziona il file sorgente</value>
317  </data>
318  <data name="Move Source folder to:" xml:space="preserve">
319    <value>Salva il file spostato come</value>
320  </data>
321  <data name="Save Source file to" xml:space="preserve">
322    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
323  </data>
324  <data name="Unused disk space" xml:space="preserve">
325    <value>Spazio disco libero</value>
326  </data>
327  <data name="Unused disk space ({0})" xml:space="preserve">
328    <value>Spazio disco libero ({0})</value>
329  </data>
330  <data name="This computer has had System Restore or Volume Shadow Copies enabled. This may allow copies of files stored on the disk to be recovered and pose a security concern." xml:space="preserve">
331    <value>Questo computer ha il System Restore o Volume Shadow Copies abilitato.Ciò permette il ripristino di file memorizzati sul disco anche se precedentemente puliti e ciò determina dei problemi di sicurezza.</value>
332  </data>
333  <data name="The drive {0} has disk quotas active. This will prevent the complete erasure of unused space and may pose a security concern." xml:space="preserve">
334    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
335  </data>
336  <data name="Searching for files' cluster tips..." xml:space="preserve">
337    <value>Ricerca di files' cluster tips...</value>
338  </data>
339  <data name="Erasing cluster tips..." xml:space="preserve">
340    <value>Pulizia cluster tips...</value>
341  </data>
342  <data name="Old resident file system table files" xml:space="preserve">
343    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
344  </data>
345  <data name="Removing temporary files..." xml:space="preserve">
346    <value>Pulizia file temporanei...</value>
347  </data>
348  <data name="Erasing unused directory structures..." xml:space="preserve">
349    <value>Pulizia di struttura di cartelle inusate...</value>
350  </data>
351  <data name="Erasing unused space..." xml:space="preserve">
352    <value>Pulizia spazio inusato...</value>
353  </data>
354  <data name="unused              Erases unused space in the volume.\r\n  arguments: unused=&lt;drive&gt;[,clusterTips[=(true|false)]]\r\n  clusterTips     If specified, the drive's files will have their\r\n                  cluster tips erased. This parameter accepts a Boolean\r\n                  value (true/false) as an argument; if none is specified\r\n                  true is assumed." xml:space="preserve">
355    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
356  </data>
357  <data name="The custom erasure method can only comprise passes containing constant or random passes" xml:space="preserve">
358    <value>Il metodo di pulizia custom può solo prevedere passi costanti oppure casuali</value>
359  </data>
360  <data name="US DoD 5220.22-M (8-306./E, C &amp; E)" xml:space="preserve">
361    <value>US DoD 5220.22-M (8-306./E, C &amp; E)</value>
362  </data>
363  <data name="US DoD 5220.22-M (8-306./E)" xml:space="preserve">
364    <value>US DoD 5220.22-M (8-306./E)</value>
365  </data>
366  <data name="The First/last 16KB erasure method requires another erasure method to erase the file.\n\nThis must be set in the Plugin Settings dialog." xml:space="preserve">
367    <value>Il metodo di pulizia First/last 16KB richiede un altro metodo di pulizia per la cancellazione del file.\n\nQuesto deve essere indicato nelle impostazioni dell'estensione.</value>
368  </data>
369  <data name="First/last 16KB Erasure" xml:space="preserve">
370    <value>First/last 16KB Erasure</value>
371  </data>
372  <data name="Russian GOST P50739-95" xml:space="preserve">
373    <value>Russian GOST P50739-95</value>
374  </data>
375  <data name="Gutmann" xml:space="preserve">
376    <value>Gutmann</value>
377  </data>
378  <data name="Gutmann Lite" xml:space="preserve">
379    <value>Gutmann Lite</value>
380  </data>
381  <data name="British HMG IS5 (Baseline)" xml:space="preserve">
382    <value>British HMG IS5 (Baseline)</value>
383  </data>
384  <data name="British HMG IS5 (Enhanced)" xml:space="preserve">
385    <value>British HMG IS5 (Enhanced)</value>
386  </data>
387  <data name="Pseudorandom Data" xml:space="preserve">
388    <value>Pseudorandom Data</value>
389  </data>
390  <data name="RCMP TSSIT OPS-II" xml:space="preserve">
391    <value>RCMP TSSIT OPS-II</value>
392  </data>
393  <data name="Schneier 7 pass" xml:space="preserve">
394    <value>Schneier 7 pass</value>
395  </data>
396  <data name="US Air Force 5020" xml:space="preserve">
397    <value>US Air Force 5020</value>
398  </data>
399  <data name="US Army AR380-19" xml:space="preserve">
400    <value>US Army AR380-19</value>
401  </data>
402  <data name="German VSITR" xml:space="preserve">
403    <value>German VSITR</value>
404  </data>
405  <data name="Kernel Entropy Source" xml:space="preserve">
406    <value>(Untranslated)</value>
407  </data>
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