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32                <p>Here are the reviews for Version 5, collected over the last 5 years. If you have reviewed Eraser, please let us know in the Eraser forum so that it can be included on this page.</p>
33                <h3>Year: 2007</h3>
34                <ul>
35                    <li>June: Reviewed on <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. Podcast aired on the 6th of June 2007.</li>
36                    <li>May: Included on Cover CD of <a href="" target="_blank">Computerbild</a></li>
37                    <li>May: Included on Featured Cover DVD included with Windows XP Made Easy magazine</li>
38                </ul>
39                <h3>Year: 2006</h3>
40                <ul>
41                    <li>November: Included on Cover CD of <a href="" target="_blank">Chip Magazine</a> Germany</li>
42                    <li>October: Included on Covermount CD of <a href="" target="_blank">PC Professionale</a> Italy</li>
43                    <li>September: Included on Covermount CD of <a href="" target="_blank">Computerbild</a></li>
44                    <li>October: Included on Covermount CD of Windows XP Made Easy magazine</li>
45                    <li>October: Included on Covermount CD of <a href="" target="_blank"></a></li>
46                    <li>May: PC Japan - mentioned in the magazine and bundled on CD.</li>
47                    <li>February: PC Japan - mentioned in the magazine and bundled on CD.</li>
48                    <li>January: <a href="" target="_blank">PC Magazine</a> - Greece - included on bundled CD.</li>
49                    <li>January: <a href="" target="_blank">c't magazine</a> - included on their CD ROM.</li>
50                </ul>
51                <h3>Year: 2005</h3>
52                <ul>
53                    <li>November: Windows Adviser, published by Agora Publications - included on CD</li>
54                    <li>September: Mentioned in <a href="" target="_blank">c't magazine</a> and included on their CD ROM.</li>
55                    <li>September 27: Mentioned in the <a href="" target="_blank">Wall Street Journal</a></li>
56                    <li>September 8: Recommendation in <a href="" target="_blank">New York Times</a></li>
57                    <li>September: Reviewed and included on CD Rom of <a href="" target="_blank">hjemmePC</a> (Norway) and <a href="" target="_blank">pchemma</a> (Sweden)</li>
58                    <li>September: Included on CD Rom distributed by <a href="" target="_blank"></a></li>
59                    <li>August 7 2005: Mentioned in the <a href=",1,3217128.story?ctrack=1&cset=true" target="_blank">Los Angeles Times</a></li>
60                    <li>July: Included in <a href="" target="_blank">Computerbild Italia's</a> CD-ROM.</li>
61                    <li>July 3: Mentioned in <a href="" target="_blank">Sunday Times Online</a> UK. <strong>Don't Panic</strong>, 3 July 2005</li>
62                    <li>June: Included in <a href="" target="_blank">PC Magazine</a> Greece CD-ROM</li>
63                    <li>May/June: Included in <a href="" target="_blank">PC Magazine</a> Italia's CD-ROM.</li>
64                    <li>May: Included in a Polish Computer Magazine's CD-ROM - <a href="" target="_blank">Komputerswiat</a></li>
65                    <li>Apr: Included in <a href="" target="_blank">Computerbild</a> CD ROM and reviewed in their magazine</li>
66                    <li>Feb: Included on CD ROM of <a href=",1254,4,00.html" target="_blank">PC Open Magazine</a>, Italy</li>
67                    <li>Jan: Eraser appeared in <a href="" target="_blank">PC Magazine</a>, Japan</li>
68                </ul>
69                <h3>Year: 2004</h3>
70                <ul>
71                    <li>Dec: 'Computer Hoy' awards Eraser first place. Outright winner when compared with Jetico BCWipe v.3, O&amp;O Software Safe Erase 2.0, Cypherix Securelt, Paragon Technolgie Disk Wiper 5.5 and Ontrack</li>
72                    <li>November: Winner of <a href="" target="_blank">Chip Magazine's</a> 'Best File Shredder Award'</li>
73                    <li>October: Eraser appears in Fayeteeville Observer, Monday, October 25, 2004 </li>
74                    <li>August: Included on CD ROM of magazine for a German Publishing House Verlagsgruppe mbH</li>
75                    <li>August-Oct: Included on CD ROM of <a href="" target="_blank">Computerwoche</a></li>
76                    <li>August: Mentioned in <a href="" target="_blank">PC World</a> Magazine</li>
77                    <li>Jul: Reviewed in <a href="" target="_blank">Computerbild</a> Magazine (Germany)</li>
78                    <li>June: Reviewed and included on <a href="" target="_parent">Softonic's</a> CD-Rom distribution</li>
79                    <li>February: Eraser is selected by participants in the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup as a <a href="" target="_blank">2004 Pricelessware</a> pick</li>
80                    <li>February: Eraser is included in the cover mount CD of PC Professionale magazine</li>
81                    <li>January: Eraser on the Service disk bundled with <a href="" target="_parent">PC World Italia</a> Magazine</li>
82                </ul>
83                <h3>Year: 2003</h3>
84                <ul>
85                    <li>October: Recommended by The Screen Savers at <a href="" target="_blank">TechTV</a></li>
86                    <li>July: <a href="" target="_blank">PC Mag</a> Editors’ Choice Award</li>
87                    <li>July 16: Mentioned on AOL's homepage</li>
88                    <li>June: Eraser gets a mention on <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</li>
89                    <li>April: Microsoft Windows XP - The Official Magazine came with a CD named &quot;File management &amp; organization kit&quot; which included Eraser</li>
90                    <li>April: <a href="" target="_blank">PC World</a> New Zealand</li>
91                    <li>March: <a href="" target="_blank">The Small Business Technology Magazine</a> wrote a short review entitled <a href="" target="_blank">The Best Things in Life Are Free</a></li>
92                    <li>February: Eraser gets a mention on <a href=";;;" target="_blank"></a></li>
93                    <li>February: <a href=",24330,3416110,00.html" target="_parent">TechTV</a> recommends Eraser as an Ultimate Data Destruction tool</li>
94                    <li>February: PC Advisor Tips &amp; Tricks</li>
95                    <li>January: <a href="" target="_blank">Rochester Democrat and Chronicle</a> - Rochester NY</li>
96                    <li>January: Eraser gets a mention on <a href="" target="_blank">USA Today</a></li>
97                    <li>January: PCPro - Page 170: Article highlighting the Gutmann Method used by Eraser</li>
98                    <li>JanuaryArticle on Eraser in Download DX Magazine - Japan  Written in Japanese</li>
99                </ul><!-- InstanceEndEditable -->
100            </div>
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108            </div>
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111                <h3>Latest News</h3>
112                <div class="right_news_bg">
113                    <h2>Eraser 6.0.8 released!</h2>
114                    <div class="posted">Posted by: Joel, 6<sup>th</sup> November 2010, 9:30 am +800GMT</div>
115                    <p>Eraser 6.0.8, a maintenance release in the stable 6.0.x line was released today. 6.0.8 addresses a significant number of stability and usability issues found in Eraser 6.0.7. Eraser 6.0.8 is now the best in the Eraser 6.0.x line, as such, all users are encouraged to upgrade to 6.0.8 as soon as possible. <a href="announcements/20101106.html">Read the full announcement.</a></p>
116                </div>
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125                <p>2008-2010 &copy; Eraser</p>
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128                <p>
129                    Original Design by <a href="" target="_blank">Olle Axelsson</a><br />
130                    Modified for Eraser by <a href="" target="_blank">Dennis van Lith</a><br />
131                    HTML edits by <a href="" target="_blank">Joel Low</a>
132                </p>
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