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    r2089 r2091  
    155155  </data> 
    156156  <data name="Could not erase directory entries on the volume {0} because the volume is currently in use." xml:space="preserve"> 
    157     <value>(Untranslated)</value> 
     157    <value>Impossibile pulire i puntamenti ai folder sul volume {0} perchè è attualmente in uso.</value> 
    158158  </data> 
    159159  <data name="The folder {0} cannot be deleted as it is not empty." xml:space="preserve"> 
    167167  </data> 
    168168  <data name="Could not force closure of file \&quot;{0}\&quot; {1}(locked by {0})" xml:space="preserve"> 
    169     <value>(Untranslated)</value> 
     169    <value>Impossibile forzare la chiusura del file \"{0}\" {1}(in uso da {0})</value> 
    170170  </data> 
    171171  <data name="Could not erase cluster tips in {0} as the volume is not mounted." xml:space="preserve"> 
    200200  </data> 
    201201  <data name="Could not erase files and subfolders in {0} because {1}" xml:space="preserve"> 
    202     <value>(Untranslated)</value> 
     202    <value>Impossibile pulire files e cartelle in {0} perchè {1}</value> 
    203203  </data> 
    204204  <data name="The file {0} was not erased as the file does not exist." xml:space="preserve"> 
    212212  </data> 
    213213  <data name="The task was cancelled." xml:space="preserve"> 
    214     <value>(Untranslated)</value> 
     214    <value>L'operazione è stata annullata.</value> 
    215215  </data> 
    216216  <data name="Files in Folder" xml:space="preserve"> 
    224224  </data> 
    225225  <data name="The path you selected is invalid." xml:space="preserve"> 
    226     <value>(Untranslated)</value> 
     226    <value>Il percorso scelto non è valido</value> 
    227227  </data> 
    228228  <data name="Recycle Bin" xml:space="preserve"> 
    230230  </data> 
    231231  <data name="Emptying recycle bin..." xml:space="preserve"> 
    232     <value>(Untranslated)</value> 
     232    <value>Svuotamento cestino...</value> 
    233233  </data> 
    234234  <data name="Secure move" xml:space="preserve"> 
    239239  </data> 
    240240  <data name="Copying source file to destination" xml:space="preserve"> 
    241     <value>(Untranslated)</value> 
     241    <value>Copia del file nella destinazione</value> 
    242242  </data> 
    243243  <data name="Erasing incomplete destination file" xml:space="preserve"> 
    254254  </data> 
    255255  <data name="Move Source folder to:" xml:space="preserve"> 
    256     <value>(Untranslated)</value> 
     256    <value>Muover la cartella sorgente in:</value> 
    257257  </data> 
    258258  <data name="Unused disk space" xml:space="preserve"> 
    259     <value>Spazio disco livero</value> 
     259    <value>Spazio disco libero</value> 
    260260  </data> 
    261261  <data name="Unused disk space ({0})" xml:space="preserve"> 
    263263  </data> 
    264264  <data name="The program does not have the required permissions to erase the unused space on disk. Run the program as an administrator and retry the operation." xml:space="preserve"> 
    265     <value>(Untranslated)</value> 
     265    <value>Il programma non ha i necessari permessi per pulire li spazio libero sul disco. Esegui il programma "as an administrator" e riprova l'operazione</value> 
    266266  </data> 
    267267  <data name="The program does not have the required permissions to erase the unused space on disk." xml:space="preserve"> 
    268     <value>(Untranslated)</value> 
     268    <value>Il programma non ha i necessari permessi per pulire li spazio libero sul disco.</value> 
    269269  </data> 
    270270  <data name="This computer has had System Restore or Volume Shadow Copies enabled. This may allow copies of files stored on the disk to be recovered and pose a security concern." xml:space="preserve"> 
    271     <value>(Untranslated)</value> 
     271    <value>Questo computer ha il System Restore o Volume Shadow Copies abilitato.Ciò permette il ripristino di file memorizzati sul disco anche se precedentemente puliti e ciò determina dei problemi di sicurezza.</value> 
    272272  </data> 
    273273  <data name="The drive {0} has disk quotas active. This will prevent the complete erasure of unused space and may pose a security concern." xml:space="preserve"> 
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