Eraser 5.8.8-beta 1 released!

Posted by: Joel, 6th July 2009, 11.15am, +800 GMT

A relative rapid release for Eraser 5.8.8-beta1 has been made in light of reports that the Shell extension does not work (hanging the computer). This update is meant to addres the issue. Please try the beta if you are experiencing the problem. Otherwise, all the other code is the same as 5.8.7.

A new version has been built and re-released at 6.40pm +800GMT on July 6th 2009, owing to a compile issue with the previously-uploaded binaries.


Eraser 5.8.8-beta1

  • Do not erase sparse, compressed or encrypted files when FL2KB erasure is selected to prevent disk corruption.
  • Fix Win32 Eraser builds to be truly Unicode builds.
  • A few 64-bit fixes.
  • Ensure that Eraser uses the latest runtimes packaged with the installer. This should fix hangs when using the Context menu.

Disclaimer: The code is still of beta quality and may not be as stable as the released versions of Eraser. It is however good to note that there are no feature additions and are mainly feature fixes and therefore upgrading should constitute an increase in stability.

If you have read the disclaimer, follow the instructions about installing betas then download the installer.

File Hashes

The old file hashes have been found to be wrong; these are the new file hashes (accurate as of 13/9/2009.) Sorry for the confusion -Joel

  • MD5:ee0673b2a568410ad7c554f17d53c992
  • SHA-1: a26d3d6d20b3f27518b508bb86fe25d2ce8722fe
  • SHA-256: 0e2d7ca7089bb95eb1a99b279d355b339e4f05188716b9dd33b74df6f
  • SHA-384: 3920d25dc8c3896be94737f353c11e6bf8a95c5ffeb64b4ef7702a6be
  • SHA-512: 4da2e8c2e5422689f24cc6f20926ae1004eaaeacb274174d1fadb03d3
  • Whirlpool: c2faebe01b6d20693ee396a2f0338a2b9318e3e50b5fb3eaec6906134

Latest News

Eraser 5.8.8-beta1 released!

Posted by: Joel, 6 July 2009, 11.15am, +800 GMT

Eraser 5.8.8-beta1 has been released, fixing a few bugs regarding the context menu extension. See the full announcement

Eraser 5.8.7 released!

Posted by: Joel, 11 June 2009, 9.15am, +800 GMT

Eraser 5.8.7 stable is finally released after being too long in the making! This version brings with it Unicode changes, allowing the erasure of file names containing non English characters as well as the Portable distribution being a supported distribution. See the full announcement.

Eraser 6-rc5 released!

Posted by: Joel, 10 June 2009, 7.00pm, +800 GMT

Having written almost 25,000 lines of code since the start of our project, v6 was due for a code review. So that's what I did, reviewed the code with the help of a static code analysis tool (FxCop for you developers out there :) ) and fixed all sorts of inconsistencies in the code. This should result in slightly higher performance and better behaviour when Eraser is in use. See the full announcement.