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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#411 Allow users to delete BlackBox reports from the UI Joel enhancement major fixed
#79 Code path optomisation Joel defect major fixed
#432 Crashes upon loading - Eraser Joel defect major duplicate
#67 Delete Session Directory Names task critical invalid
#315 Fix handling of corrupt crash reports Joel defect major fixed
#317 Merge the BlackBox branch task major fixed
#339 Privacy concerns over crash log screenshot Joel defect critical fixed
#319 Track the frequency of crash reports Joel enhancement major fixed
#442 Unable to ever 100% complete an ERASER run. Joel defect major invalid
#308 Upgrade BlackBox to use the ProgressManager classes task major fixed

Status: new (17 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#318 Allow resolutions to be passed to BlackBox reporters enhancement minor
#366 Allow users to check whether their crashes have been fixed enhancement major
#509 Eraser failed to delete files with paths longer than 260 characters defect major
#855 Fast Ideas for Men's Skin Care defect major
#843 Fitness Equipment Material defect major
#840 Health And Fitness-Best Wellness defect major 5.8.8
#820 How To Build Lean Muscle Mass Efficiently defect major
#736 How you can be slim GARCINIUM defect major
#812 Muscle Building Tips That You Shouldn't defect major
#425 Program a Web Interface for the BlackBox component enhancement major
#777 Secrets For Naturally Losing Weight Fast 1 defect major
#853 Skin Care Products Aren't Just for Women defect major
#837 Slimming Down in the Modern World defect major
#835 Teriyaki Broccoli Rice defect major
#810 The Major Muscle Building Myths defect major 5.8.7-beta4
#809 The Major Muscle Building Myths You Need To Avoid defect major
#784 The Right Way to Create Muscle defect major

Status: reopened (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#448 Eraser Crash Assistant very slow compressing crash reports Garrett defect major
#426 Include a list of drives on the computer when generating BlackBox reports Garrett enhancement major
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