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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#278 Implement the Executor as a Service Joel task critical 5 years
#70 Cleaning up of privacy leaks Joel enhancement major 6 years
#74 Pause erasures Joel enhancement major 6 years
#83 Upgrade Remote Executor classes Joel enhancement major 6 years
#210 Eraser not deleting very long filenames, round 3 Joel enhancement major 5 years
#277 Eraser Unified File Manager Joel task major 5 years
#147 Ballast File Creation. Joel enhancement minor 6 years

Status: assigned (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#433 Eraser crashes upon closing after an erasing job; no report created Garrett defect critical 2 years
#96 Eraser Boot ! Kaz enhancement major 6 years

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#221 "Dangling pointer" on erasing files with multiple hard links enhancement blocker 5.8.7 5 years
#22 MFT and Directory Entries erasure enhancement critical 6 years
#23 Make ghost MFT-records more empty enhancement critical 6 years
#203 Compact & truncate MFT (NTFS) enhancement critical 5 years
#58 Eraser Watched Folder enhancement major 6 years
#75 User-based erasure control enhancement major 6 years
#78 Erase whole drive enhancement major 6 years
#260 Portable Eraser 6 task major 5 years
#304 Silently ignore selected cluster tip erase failures enhancement major 5 years
#323 Erasing improvements enhancement major 5 years
#370 Break up MFT erase folders to folders of fixed lengths. enhancement major 4 years
#391 User-defined prefix for file name obscuration enhancement major 3 years
#417 Logging improvements enhancement major 2 years
#419 Allow users to erase all users' recycle bins if they have the needed rights enhancement major 2 years
#422 Properly detect SSDs and warn when erasing them enhancement major 2 years
#427 Task List and log saving behaviour improvement enhancement major 2 years
#457 Eraser can't erase files from admin acct when Eraser started in same acct defect major 2 years
#15 Simultaneous Erasing enhancement minor 6 years
#16 Recycle Bin Catch All enhancement minor 6 years
#393 Feature-complete exclude masks enhancement minor 3 years
#226 Progressive corrupting of files as a wipe method enhancement trivial 5 years
#261 About dialog improvements enhancement trivial 5 years

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#274 Use number of files found for entropy Garrett enhancement minor 5 years
#348 FileSystemWatcher as a source of entropy Garrett enhancement minor 4 years
#424 Reset File times with values from the last 3 months Garrett enhancement minor 2 years
#462 Continuous access to floppy disk drive Joel defect minor 22 months
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