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Add numeric progress indicator to Eraser UI

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For future builds, suggest adding some sort(s) of numeric progress indicator, especially useful for long jobs. On some jobs it's impossible to tell if Eraser is still active or stopped working.

Even when Erase has stopped working, sometimes green progress bar is still showing & color "fluctuation" on bar, leading one to believe Eraser's still working. Knowing that Eraser is indeed still working would be useful.

Numeric progress indicator could include some / all of "Percent completed," KB,MB / S activity, time elapsed, other. Perhaps if KB/s indicator doesn't change for long period, user can assume Eraser is not working & make decision to terminate job or allow to continue.

It might be impossible to estimate "time to finish," for jobs like wiping free space, as Eraser often slows as it nears end of wiping a partition.


#435Add numeric progress indicator to Eraser UIEraser 6.1/6.2

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#435Add numeric progress indicator to Eraser UIEraser 6.1/6.2

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The best progress indicator for this would be your hard disk activity LED. No software display would be able to match that.

I think we have to balance informativeness with usability, I'm afraid that having so many details would just contribute to visual clutter, sorry.

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by phkhgh

It's Heidi's software, so they can do as they wish. I suggest letting users say what they prefer instead of dismissing an idea outright, unless a feature / function is impossible or problematic to implement. A numeric progress indicator (any) is quite common in many apps, esp. for tasks that take longer. Even addons for Firefox provide such features, so it can't be that hard to implement.

Re: HDD LED indicator. How would one know if the HDD activity indicated by the LED was from Eraser's or from many other apps' / system activity? For me, the HDD LED is no indicator for Eraser, unless I'm positive the only I/O HDD activity is Eraser's. That's impossible to tell w/o opening utilities to monitor activity.

"having so many details"

What details? - on the task execution UI? There are no details except a green line, that sometimes doesn't move for long periods. Eraser has one of the most Spartan UIs I know of.

I think it's reasonable to give testers a bit more to make the job easier. I think stable version users would also appreciate such a feature. It may not be the most important consideration at present, but could certainly be on the "to do" list.

comment:3 Changed 3 years ago by Joel

Eraser was designed with certain design considerations, with regard to usability and user experience. The progress dialog which was displayed was deliberately kept simple as it is not the focal point of the program when a task is running. The more spartan the UI, the better, in my opinion. One of the concepts, related to simplicity, is that the fewer the number of options the users are able to set, the less likely things can go wrong. I'd vote against adding new configurable features, as much as I like them myself.

Furthermore, any information of this sort, while it can be computed, would probably be meaningless anyway: the amount of data which is written per unit time would only be computed as an average of amount written over time, which will not go to zero if the process does for some reason lock up. Tracking it via other more accurate means (e.g. sampling) is already done by the current progress management code, but the units have been abstracted away, thus no meaningful progress information can be determined if the progress of the erasure is proceeding at a slow rate. As such, yes I agree with your assessment that it is not difficult, but I doubt any implementation would provide any meaningful information. Hence my adamance in this decision.

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