23:45 Ticket #40 (Form a documentation team) created by Mats
Up to version 5.7, Eraser's help file was a simple but decent HLP file. …
12:45 Ticket #39 (Add a general section to the Forum) created by jackjack
The current scope of the forums only allows people to discuss problems, it …
12:42 Ticket #38 (Update website with latest stable version) created by jackjack
The eraser web site (http://www.heidi.ie/eraser/) lists old version of …


02:42 Ticket #37 (Eraser should not allow system to hibernate or standby when running) created by Joel
Eraser may take a long while to complete its task, therefore an option …


20:03 Ticket #36 (Eraser over riding Windows hotkeys) created by jackjack
In windows explorer, if you use the hotkeys, Ctrl+F followed by m to …


19:56 Ticket #35 (Eraser leaving info after install) created by jackjack
http://bbs.heidi.ie/viewtopic.php?t=5194 Looks like the uninstaller is …


10:43 Ticket #34 (Erase on a write-protected floppy subfolder does nothing) created by 3r08gtg
I've either run into the limits of my understanding of Eraser, or may have …


15:20 Changeset [355] by lowjoel
  • trunk/bin/Eraser.iss

Better x64 support.


14:10 CodingConventions edited by Joel
Don't create links out of identifier names! (diff)
14:09 CodingConventions created by Joel
First draft of the Eraser v6 Coding conventions
14:05 WikiStart edited by Joel
Make a nice home page for our Trac. (diff)
13:59 Changeset [354] by lowjoel
  • branches/eraser6/TODO.txt

Move the TODO onto Trac.

13:57 Ticket #33 (Progress calculation when cluster tip erasure is disabled) created by Joel
The values are skewed (by 10%)
13:57 Ticket #32 (Default Settings) created by Joel
Have a more intelligent default settings selection for settings in v6. …
13:55 Ticket #31 (Fix internationalized code) created by Joel
GUI elements may run into each other after resizing. Any suggestions on …
13:55 Ticket #30 (Encrypted page file) created by Joel
Allow users to specify that they want their page file to be encrypted …
13:54 Ticket #29 (Allow Eraser to be minimized to the system tray) created by Joel
Implemented in r431.
13:53 Ticket #28 (Resolve locked files on restart) created by Joel
13:53 Ticket #27 (Allow runtime Plugin Load) created by Joel
13:52 Ticket #26 (Custom erasure methods) created by Joel
-Code implemented to define and add new methods -Implement saving to the …
13:51 Ticket #25 (Finish multi-target implementation) created by Joel
-Progress indicator is skewed. Very badly. -Allow deletion and …
13:50 Ticket #24 (Next Scheduled run) created by Joel
The next scheduled run time calculator code isn't fully functional. …
13:43 Ticket #23 (Make ghost MFT-records more empty) created by Shredder
I think Eraser should make ghost MFT-records which it leaves behind more …
13:40 Ticket #22 (MFT and Directory Entries erasure) created by Overwriter
So a user can frequently just clean the MFT at will, not destroy it. …
13:39 Ticket #21 (Create Verify) created by Joel
No equivalent of Verify has been made for V6.
13:33 Ticket #20 (Attached Drive Total Wipe) created by Overwriter
Could you introduce a feature to completely wipe an attached drive using …
13:25 Ticket #19 (Log events into the v6 log) created by Joel
This should allow for better diagnostics in the event of error, and gives …
13:23 Ticket #18 (Support directory junctions and symlinks) created by Joel
Eraser needs to have proper support for both symbolic links as well as …
13:21 Ticket #17 (Allow custom erasure methods to be exported) created by Joel
Self-explanatory title.
13:18 Ticket #16 (Recycle Bin Catch All) created by Overwriter
Could Eraser have a feature so when a user deletes a file to the recycle …
13:16 Ticket #15 (Simultaneous Erasing) created by Overwriter
I would like to see a feature in Eraser where two or more files / disks / …
13:15 Ticket #14 (Runtime unlocking of files) created by Joel
WRT http://bbs.heidi.ie/viewtopic.php?t=2409. This is a very useful …
13:14 Ticket #13 (Create update checker) created by Joel
Update checking as a plugin for v6?
13:10 Ticket #12 (Create explorer extension) created by Joel
Eraser needs to have a context menu extension as in v5. However a few …
13:00 Ticket #11 (Eraser 5.86 in Vista Home) created by hans29
Hi, I tried to erase the unsed space in my partition D under Vista Home …
12:56 Ticket #10 (thumbs.db) created by thedeerhunter270
Eraser keeps hanging when wiping thumbs.db. I've tried erasing these …
12:17 Ticket #9 (Eraser Freezes while erasing) created by aircraft
Hello. I use the latest downloadable version of Eraser. I'd really love …
12:11 Ticket #8 (Verify fail in Vista?) created by AmazingRando
Hi fellow users I just installed Eraser 5.8 under Vista Beta 2 (build …
12:09 Ticket #7 (Recycle Bin Menu Remains after Uninstall) created by Smeg
I have re/un-installed several times and the Menu in the recycle bin …
12:08 Ticket #6 (Incorrect "when finished" option) created by Dedalus
I create a new task. I set the option "when finished" to shutdown system. …
12:03 Ticket #5 (Scheduler wont Un - schedule) created by Andy
Hi I set up some files to be erased at re boot which I now Don't want …
12:01 Ticket #4 (Failed: There is not enough space on the disk) created by jw113
I've been using Eraser since at least 5.80, and never had a problem -- …
12:00 Ticket #3 (Scheduler exits on Main Frame Close) created by Joel
Counterintuitive behaviour.
11:54 Ticket #2 (Erase Failure to erase) created by dogdog
I have a new Dell PC with Vista Ultimate. I have installed Eraser v 5.84. …
11:25 Ticket #1 (Recycle bin erasure failures) created by mdvbilt
I have two .lnk files that failed to delete when I did a 1-pass erasure of …


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