11:53 Ticket #226 (Progressive corrupting of files as a wipe method) created by pollution
This is an idea intended for mainly huge huge files which you would want …
11:30 Ticket #225 (Upgrading to 5.8.8-beta1 from previous version corrupting custom wipe ...) created by pollution
Installing 5.8.8-beta1 over a previous version with custom wipe methods …
11:23 Ticket #224 (5.8.8-beta1 - erase unused space -> FAT32 directory entries cleaning fails) created by pollution
Running the directory entry cleaning on FAT32 partitions will end up in a …


23:01 Changeset [1186] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/ShellExt/CtxMenu.cpp
  • trunk/eraser6/ShellExt/CtxMenu.h

When executing the erase unused space commands from Explorer, escape all paths to allow proper parsing.

23:00 Changeset [1185] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Util/NTApi.cs

Do not crash when enumerating ADSes in FAT file systems (which aren't supported)


20:09 Ticket #223 ((probably) unicode related gibberish in the About window) created by Walda
When opening the About window in the main program/scheduler, the Eraser …


18:34 Ticket #222 (Right Clicking on any object within windows 7 explorer causes explorer to ...) created by Tuwase
Right Clicking on any object within windows explorer causes explorer to …


14:59 Ticket #221 ("Dangling pointer" on erasing files with multiple hard links) created by fedsaren
On an NTFS partition, when I erase a file with multiple hard links, the …


23:59 Ticket #220 (UNC Path erasures don't seem to work) created by Joel
As reported by cruise2001 at http://bbs.heidi.ie/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5622


12:32 Changeset [1184] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser5/Eraser.cpp

Unicode fix. Use wide characters when doing a string format operation. Thanks to pollution on the forum for reporting.

11:40 Changeset [1183] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/Templates/Eraser.dwt
  • trunk/website/announcements/20081201.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20081213.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090103.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090108.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090418.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090610.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090611.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090706.html
  • trunk/website/contributing.html
  • trunk/website/index.php
  • trunk/website/reviews.html

Released 5.8.8-beta1

11:37 Changeset [1182] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser5/Erasext/Erasext.odl

Gunna re-release 5.8.8-beta1, the runtime version was not set correctly.

09:20 Changeset [1181] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Settings.cs

Removed the unused UISettings property for Manager.Settings

09:20 Changeset [1180] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Exception.cs

Fix FxCop? warnings

09:08 Changeset [1179] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/RNGCrypto.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/DirectExecutor.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Logger.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Task.cs

-Did a review of all lock statements in use, removing unused ones and inserting those requiring lock statements. The most-affected classes are those of Task and of Logger. These two classes are now thread-safe.
-When a task is canceled we no longer throw a FatalException?, instead an OperationCanceledException? is thrown

09:01 Changeset [1178] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Strings.en.resx
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Strings.nl.resx
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Strings.resx

The strings moved around to their new locations after the strings were moved to the exception classes

08:55 Changesets [1176-1177] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/EntropySource.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/EraseFirstLast16KB.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Exception.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Method.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/PRNG.cs

Instead of throwing FatalExceptions?, implement a superclass that deals with such exceptions - currently there are classes for Erasure Method not found, PRNG not found and Entropy Source not found.

08:52 Changeset [1175] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Eraser.Manager.csproj
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Manager.cd
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/ManagerLibrary.cs

Replaced Manager.cs with ManagerLibrary?.cs since that is the class which is implemented there. Also removed the class diagram since it's no longer maintained

06:04 Changeset [1174] by lowjoel
  • tags/5.8.8-beta1

Tagged 5.8.8-beta1

04:35 Changeset [1173] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser5/Deployment.vsprops

Oops, unsaved file. But this is part of 5.8.8-beta1

03:31 Changeset [1172] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser5/README.txt
  • trunk/eraser5/version.h

Version bump.

03:31 Changeset [1171] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser5/EraserDll/Random.cpp

More warning fixes

02:50 Changeset [1170] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser5/EraserDll/Random.cpp


02:37 Changeset [1169] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser5/EraserDll/Random.cpp
  • trunk/eraser5/EraserDll/Random.h
  • trunk/eraser5/EraserDoc.cpp
  • trunk/eraser5/EraserUI/HyperLink.cpp
  • trunk/eraser5/EraserUI/TimeOutMessageBox.cpp

64-bit fixes.

02:22 Changeset [1168] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser5/Deployment.vsprops
  • trunk/eraser5/Eraser.sln
  • trunk/eraser5/Eraser.vcproj
  • trunk/eraser5/EraserDll/EraserDll.vcproj
  • trunk/eraser5/EraserUI/EraserUI.vcproj
  • trunk/eraser5/Erasext/Erasext.vcproj
  • trunk/eraser5/Launcher/Launcher.vcproj
  • trunk/eraser5/Verify/Verify.vcproj
  • trunk/eraser5/shared/Shared.vcproj

Standarise all the defines when compiling Eraser. The settings now compile Eraser for the VS2008 SP1 runtime libraries instead.

00:45 Changeset [1167] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/DirectExecutor.cs

I should have used the as cast instead of the explicit cast.

00:44 Changeset [1166] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Documentation/Documentation.docx
  • trunk/eraser6/Documentation/Settings.png
  • trunk/eraser6/Documentation/Task Properties Dialog.png

Updated documentation to reflect the new Manually run task type.

00:43 Changeset [1165] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Schedule.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Program.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/SchedulerPanel.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/SchedulerPanel.resx
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/SettingsPanel.resx
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/TaskPropertiesForm.Designer.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/TaskPropertiesForm.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/TaskPropertiesForm.resx

Create a new task type - tasks which are run manually. This differs from tasks run immediately in that tasks run immediately has the connotation of being a one-time task; task run manually can be run multiple times. At the same time, tasks which are run immediately will be affected by the automatic deletion; tasks run manually will not.


12:28 Changeset [1164] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Documentation/Documentation.docx

Eraser 5 migration guide authored

09:49 Ticket #110 (Spelling on web page) closed by Joel
fixed: Eraser bit of his website is removed to point directly to ours.
09:48 Ticket #197 (4 Versions of the Website) closed by Joel
fixed: OK, Garrett's removed the three other websites now.


07:18 Ticket #141 (Better method description.) closed by Joel
fixed: Factchecked and accepted.
07:06 Changeset [1163] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Installer/DirectoryStructure.wxs

-Add the documentation to the MSIs.
-Add Erase to the App Paths registry key so that calls using ShellExecute? will work with just the file name (e.g. from the Run dialog)

05:30 Changeset [1162] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Strings.NL.resx
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Strings.en.resx
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Strings.resx

Updated translation.

05:28 Changeset [1161] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Installer/Installer.wixproj

Sign the installer with the best certificate - we don't have the Eraser Root CA anymore.

04:53 Changeset [1160] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/AboutForm.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Resources/BackgroundLogo.png
  • trunk/eraser6/Resources/Source/Dialogs/Dialog Logo.psd
  • trunk/eraser6/Version.cs.in
  • trunk/eraser6/Version.rc.in
  • trunk/eraser6/Version.wxs.in

Bump version number. Currently I'm calling this rc-6, but I think we are stable enough for a final release. Also pulled out the logo at the top right of the program form as a separate PSD

03:53 Changeset [1159] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Documentation
  • trunk/eraser6/Documentation/Custom Erasure Method.png
  • trunk/eraser6/Documentation/Documentation.docx
  • trunk/eraser6/Documentation/Recycle Bin.png
  • trunk/eraser6/Documentation/Scheduler Context Menu.png
  • trunk/eraser6/Documentation/Select Data To Erase Dialog.png
  • trunk/eraser6/Documentation/Settings.png
  • trunk/eraser6/Documentation/Task Log.png
  • trunk/eraser6/Documentation/Task Properties Dialog - Schedule.png
  • trunk/eraser6/Documentation/Task Properties Dialog.png
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/MainForm.Designer.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/MainForm.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Strings.NL.resx
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Strings.en.resx
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Strings.resx

First draft of the Documentation with a few blank sections. I'm not sure if Word is the best way to make documentation... but yeah it will work.. for now.


11:51 Changeset [1158] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/DirectExecutor.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Settings.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Task.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.fxcop
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/BasePanel.Designer.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/BasePanel.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/SchedulerPanel.Designer.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/SchedulerPanel.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/SettingsPanel.Designer.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/SettingsPanel.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/SettingsPanel.resx

-Fixed r1091. By using properties the designer could not be used.
-Let the user decide whether he wants locked files to be closed when encountered. We won't create a new task for running on restart anymore.

08:26 Changeset [1157] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Task.cs

-Replaced the property/variable combo with a automatic properties
-Don't have so many properties named Method. Method.set will set the MethodDefined? property automatically

08:19 Changeset [1156] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/EraseDoD.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/EraseFirstLast16KB.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/EraseGOSTP50739.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/EraseGutmann.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/EraseHMGIS5.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/EraseRCMP_TSSIT_OPS_II.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/EraseRandom.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/EraseSchneier.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/EraseUSAF5020.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/EraseUSArmyAR380_19.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/DirectExecutor.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Unlocker/Eraser.Unlocker.cpp
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Unlocker/Eraser.Unlocker.h
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.fxcop
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Program.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Version.cs.in

Fixed some FxCop? warnings
-Seal all our default plugins' erasure methods since they are not supposed to be inherited
-Don't return a List from the Unlocker module (now returns ReadOnlyCollection?)
-Call GC.SuppressFinalize? when using the Disposable Registry Settings manager
-Declare the Modified field of the BuildInfo? class to be const instead of readonly

07:29 Changeset [1155] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Program.cs

-Sent the CommandLine? class for a slight rewrite - the properties are now automatic properties, and the command line is no longer passed to the constructor as that would result in a virtual call in the base class constructor; instead a Parse function is used.
-Instead of mapping actions to handlers, use the Types instead
-Convert the CommandLine? class to be a Singleton-like class, where the CommandLine?.Get function will return a CommandLine? object representing the action requested
-Instead of letting the user specify files without a --, - or , we now need the user to specify --file=

07:03 Changeset [1154] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/DirectExecutor.cs

Fixed an erroneous variable reference which prevented tasks meant for restart execution from working.


03:58 Ticket #61 (Html files and folders association.) closed by Joel
03:57 Ticket #80 (Document Symbolic Link/Reparse point behaviour) closed by Joel


11:31 Ticket #216 (Erase from file context menu doesn't work if Eraser is Run as ...) closed by Joel
fixed: Implemented in r1153.
11:31 Changeset [1153] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Program.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/ShellExt/CtxMenu.cpp

If while executing a command-line call we get an Unauthorised access exception, return ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED to the calling process. In the case of the shell extension, this will re-spawn the process with administrator privileges. Implements #216.

11:30 Changeset [1152] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser5/EraserDll/FileLockResolver.cpp


10:53 Changeset [1151] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/Eraser.DefaultPlugins.csproj

Use the best certificate for signing instead of one by the now-destroyed Eraser Root CA.

09:58 Ticket #219 (Probable standby/resume problem) closed by Joel
fixed: Does it occur after Eraser is running for a while? If so chances are it is …
09:57 Ticket #218 (Partition corrupted when using FL2KB with Sparse files) closed by Joel
fixed: Fixed in r1149.
09:21 Changeset [1150] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser5/Eraser.vcproj
  • trunk/eraser5/EraserDll/EraserDll.vcproj
  • trunk/eraser5/EraserDll/FileLockResolver.cpp
  • trunk/eraser5/EraserUI/EraserUI.vcproj
  • trunk/eraser5/Erasext/Erasext.vcproj
  • trunk/eraser5/Launcher/Launcher.vcproj
  • trunk/eraser5/Verify/Verify.vcproj
  • trunk/eraser5/shared/Shared.vcproj

Apply the Unicode character set for Win32 binaries too. The previous Win32 builds were still ANSI.

09:19 Changeset [1149] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser5/EraserDll/NTFS.cpp

Refuse to wipe files which are sparse, encrypted or compressed with the FL2KB method since that can destroy drives. Fixes http://bbs.heidi.ie/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5584

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