10:13 Ticket #259 (Crash when Recycle Bin window is open or opening) closed by Joel
worksforme: I can't replicate the crash. Does it occur every time? Based on your …


08:33 Ticket #260 (Portable Eraser 6) created by Joel
Eraser 5 has a Portable version where settings are stored outside of the …
06:27 Changeset [1317] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/RemoteExecutor.cs
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Program.cs

Allow users to control an elevated instance of Eraser from the Explorer context menu.

06:23 Ticket #213 (Update Readme) closed by Joel
06:22 Changeset [1316] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/downloads.php

Optimisation for maintaining only 3 nightly builds.

06:13 Changeset [1315] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/download.php

Allow users to find the changelog for Eraser.

04:33 Changeset [1314] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/download.php

Use appropriate terms for the nightly builds. They aren't really versions, more of build numbers.

04:28 Changeset [1313] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/downloads.php

Make sure only that the last 3 nightly builds are available at any one time.

04:09 Changeset [1312] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/downloads.php

Factorise out the build database insertion code to a separate function.

04:01 Changeset [1311] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/download.php
  • trunk/website/scripts/downloads.php

More spelling fixes.

03:59 Changeset [1310] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/download.php
  • trunk/website/scripts/downloads.php

-Misspelt supersede.
-Create the Build object instead of the Download object when a download is requested if the download id is a build. This ensures that superseded builds are checked for and handled appropriately. Superseded builds can be made superseded by setting the value in the database or deleting the build folder

03:17 Changeset [1309] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/Templates/Eraser.dwt
  • trunk/website/announcements/20081201.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20081213.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090103.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090108.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090418.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090610.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090611.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090706.html
  • trunk/website/contributing.html
  • trunk/website/download.php
  • trunk/website/index.php
  • trunk/website/reviews.html

The Download link should link to the new download page.

03:14 Changeset [1308] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/download.php
  • trunk/website/scripts/downloads.php

Factorise out the download handling code to allow the creation of a download page. The new download page can list nightly builds as well.

02:25 Changeset [1307] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/index.php

Remove the download links from the main page. I'm currently writing a separate download page that manages stable, beta and nightly builds.

00:35 Changeset [1306] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/style.css

Set default styles for tables and table headers and error messages.


09:34 Changeset [1305] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser5/EraserDll/Common.h

Make the Eraser DLL create a global mutex so that when the installer is executed and if Eraser is running the user will be asked to quit. This isn't foolproof -- but helps prevent improper upgrades.


05:26 Ticket #257 (Error when right-clicking any drive within Windows Explorer (Win 7 Pro)) closed by Joel
worksforme: It is highly possible the problem is due to a runtime (programming error) …
05:21 Ticket #258 (Delete Task = UI Crash) closed by Joel
invalid: If it's one off and you can't replicate it I'm afraid there's nothing I …
05:20 Ticket #234 (Exiting Eraser background process issue.) closed by Joel
fixed: Really fixed in r1304. The bug was right under my nose!
05:19 Changeset [1304] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Program.cs

Real fix for #234.

04:00 Changeset [1303] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Eraser.csproj

Eraser should be compiled for any cpu not just x86.


15:00 Ticket #253 (.ers format) closed by trac-robot
This ticket was closed automatically by the system. It was previously set …
15:00 Ticket #255 (Error: StartIndex cannot be less than zero.Parameter name: ...) closed by trac-robot
This ticket was closed automatically by the system. It was previously set …


12:44 Ticket #259 (Crash when Recycle Bin window is open or opening) created by JW
System: Window 7 Home Premium (64-bit), new install, no upgrade from …


01:19 Changeset [2853] by lowjoel

    Added DragDropLib?.

    01:18 Changeset [2852] by lowjoel

      Ignore strong name files. They are meant to be private.


      15:27 Ticket #258 (Delete Task = UI Crash) created by nels
      I had two tasks in my task UI, that were identical. I attempted to delete …


      10:19 Changeset [1302] by lowjoel
      • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/ProgressForm.resx

      Align the job title with the rest of the text.

      08:25 Changeset [1301] by lowjoel
      • trunk/eraser6/Dependencies/BevelLine.dll

      Rebuilt BevelLine? that sizes correctly when used with Localisation.

      08:20 Changeset [2851] by lowjoel

        Don't allow the sizes of the bevel line to be distorted during creation as the control's properties are being set.

        08:19 Changeset [2850] by lowjoel

          Upgraded project file.

          06:49 Changeset [1300] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Dependencies/DragDropLib.dll

          New DragDropLib? assembly, this was recompiled (without any namespace reference changes etc to make it compile this time.)

          06:47 Changeset [1299] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/ShellExt/CtxMenu.cpp
          • trunk/eraser6/ShellExt/CtxMenu.h
          • trunk/eraser6/ShellExt/ShellExt.rc
          • trunk/eraser6/ShellExt/resource.h

          When selecting too many files for erasure at once show a useful error message instead of showing an Unknown Error message.

          06:46 Changeset [1298] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/ProgressForm.cs

          Blank the current pass text when the task completes.

          06:44 Changeset [1297] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/FileSystems/Ntfs.cs

          We don't grow the stream to overwrite all the MFT records - we just overwrite the MFT record in place, hopefully no new records will be allocated this way. We need testing to verify this, though.

          03:55 Changeset [1296] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/SchedulerPanel.cs

          Allow dragging many files into the Eraser window. Fixes http://bbs.heidi.ie/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5763&p=15734


          10:13 Changeset [1295] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser5/EraserView.cpp

          Warning fix.

          10:06 Ticket #225 (Upgrading to 5.8.8-beta1 from previous version corrupting custom wipe ...) closed by Joel
          fixed: Fixed in r1294
          10:05 Changeset [1294] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser5/EraserDll/EraserDll.h
          • trunk/eraser5/EraserDll/Options.cpp
          • trunk/eraser5/EraserDll/Pass.h
          • trunk/eraser5/EraserDll/StdAfx.h

          Upgrade the Eraser custom erasure methods to the new Unicode versions so that custom methods are preserved. Fixes #225.

          08:36 Changeset [1293] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser5/EraserDll/FAT.cpp

          When comparing directory entries for filenames use the C char datatype not the TCHAR datatype as we need the byte size to remain constant. Fixes #254.

          08:14 Ticket #220 (UNC Path erasures don't seem to work) closed by Joel
          fixed: Fixed in r1292.
          08:14 Changeset [1292] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser5/EraserDll/Eraser.cpp

          Allow erasing of UNC paths.

          07:09 Changeset [1291] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser5/version.h

          Version bump.

          06:09 Changeset [1290] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser5/Deployment.vsprops

          When declaring binding to the latest VC runtime version we need to specify the value of 1.


          02:09 Changeset [1289] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Util.FileSystem/FatApi.cpp

          Compile warning fix.

          02:07 Changeset [1288] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/FileSystems/Ntfs.cs

          When erasing resident files do NOT extend the stream lest the resident data is shifted around the MFT.

          01:41 Changeset [1287] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/FileSystems/Ntfs.cs

          When checking whether a file fits in the MFT record we went to checkt he size of the record directly - but this doesn't work in W7 RTM under unelevated users so fall back to jsut checking the cluster size.

          01:39 Changeset [1286] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Program.cs

          Revert r1285 as this patch isn't ready for public use yet.

          01:36 Changeset [1285] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/DirectExecutor.cs
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Task.cs
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Program.cs

          Handle nonexistant files properly - don't halt the entire task just because the file does not exist.


          23:26 Changeset [1284] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/MainForm.cs
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Program.cs

          Potential fix for #234. Seems to work.


          14:34 Ticket #257 (Error when right-clicking any drive within Windows Explorer (Win 7 Pro)) created by sjw
          I have a fresh, full installation (not an in-place upgrade) of Windows 7 …


          15:05 Ticket #224 (5.8.8-beta1 - erase unused space -> FAT32 directory entries cleaning fails) closed by Joel
          duplicate: This seems to be similar to #254. I'll mark this as duplicate as that one …
          15:00 Ticket #256 (Error: StartIndex cannot be less than zero.Parameter name: startIndex) closed by Joel
          duplicate: Duplicate of #255.
          08:00 Ticket #246 (.NET Runtime 2.0 Error) closed by trac-robot
          This ticket was closed automatically by the system. It was previously set …
          05:56 Ticket #256 (Error: StartIndex cannot be less than zero.Parameter name: startIndex) created by itman2000my
          Hi, Got the above error. Am using:- Windows 7 Enterprise x64 - …
          05:54 Ticket #255 (Error: StartIndex cannot be less than zero.Parameter name: ...) created by itman2000my
          Hi, Got the above error. Am using:- Windows 7 Enterprise x64 - …


          18:46 Ticket #254 (Eraser 5.8.8 beta1 Memory Issues on W7x64) created by xfinger
          Installed only 64bit component of Eraser 5.8.8 beta 1. Erasing the free …


          18:07 Ticket #253 (.ers format) created by UTWF
          Hello, I'm creating an MSI package, and I have to set 2 directories in …


          01:07 Changeset [1283] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser5/SignBin.bat

          Use directory-relative for syntax.

          01:07 Changeset [1282] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Installer/SignBin.bat

          Use directory-relative for syntax. Fixes the signing in builds.


          13:45 Changeset [1281] by lowjoel
          • trunk/website/trac.css

          Add the Trac stylesheet with the customisations for the new trac template.

          12:01 Changeset [1280] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser5/Eraser.iss

          Use the stock VC redistributables and use the silent install switches.

          11:47 Changeset [1279] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser5/Eraser.iss
          • trunk/eraser5/SignBin.bat

          Sign the binaries before we distribute them using the installer.

          10:43 Changeset [1278] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Installer/Bootstrapper/Bootstrapper.cpp
          • trunk/eraser6/Installer/Bootstrapper/Main.cpp

          -Display a useful error message when an error is encountered initiating a setup program - say whether it is the .NET runtime or the Eraser binary that didn't start
          -Refresh the progress bar when extracting the setup files

          07:39 Changeset [1277] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Installer/Bootstrapper/Bootstrapper.cpp
          • trunk/eraser6/Installer/Bootstrapper/Bootstrapper.vcproj
          • trunk/eraser6/Installer/Bootstrapper/stdafx.h

          Upgraded to the 4.63 LZMA SDK.

          04:33 Changeset [1276] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Installer/DirectoryStructure.wxs

          Wrong platform reference.

          04:24 Changeset [1275] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Documentation
          • trunk/eraser6/Documentation/Documentation.pdf

          Add the documentation to the versioned files so the MSIs can be built and packaged on the build server

          04:22 Changeset [1274] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Installer/Installer.wixproj

          My bad - this is a fix for compiling Eraser in a path containing spaces.

          04:18 Changeset [1273] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Installer/Installer.wixproj

          Downgrade to WiX 3.0 for code stability

          00:25 Changeset [1272] by lowjoel
          • trunk/website/index.php

          Link to 5.7 for 9x users

          00:24 Changeset [1271] by lowjoel
          • trunk/website/announcements/20090706.html

          Updated the file hashes.


          12:53 Changeset [1270] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Installer/SignBin.bat

          Sign all binaries except vshost.exe

          08:10 Changeset [1269] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Installer/SignBin.bat

          List the binaries to sign dynamically so we can separately build win32 and x64 binaries.

          06:23 Changeset [1268] by lowjoel
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/ErasureMethods/Gutmann.cs
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/Strings.resx
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Manager/Executor.cs
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Util/CryptoFileStream.cs
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Util/IFFS.cs
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Util/Localisation.cs
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Util/Memory.cs
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Util/Salsa.cs
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser.Util/StreamInfo.cs
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Program.cs
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/ProgressForm.cs
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Resources/BackgroundGradient.bmp
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/SchedulerPanel.cs
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/SchedulerPanel.resx
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Strings.NL.resx
          • trunk/eraser6/Eraser/Strings.resx

          Reverted r1258 and r1254-r1255; this is in the EncryptedSettings? branch.

          06:18 Changeset [1267] by lowjoel
          • branches/eraser6/EncryptedSettings

          Branch the encrypted settings changes instead of leaving them in trunk.

          06:17 Changeset [1266] by lowjoel
          • branches/eraser6/EncryptedSettings

          svn branch doesnt' want the branch directory created. grr.

          06:14 Changeset [1265] by lowjoel
          • branches/eraser6
          • branches/eraser6/EncryptedSettings

          Create the encrypted settings branch

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