05:58 Build of Eraser 6.2 [2247] on Windows completed
03:10 Changeset [2247] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser/Eraser.Shell/CtxMenu.cpp
  • trunk/eraser/Eraser/Program.cs

Pass the handle provided by Explorer through the IShellExt interface to the child process should it require it (to display dialogs etc)

02:26 Ticket #303 (Verify Eraser's UI in high DPI mode) closed by Joel
fixed: As of r2246, Eraser completely works at 120dpi, save a few truncated texts …
02:22 Changeset [2246] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser/Eraser/AboutForm.cs

Don't enable the timer when constructing. Enable only when we are done.

02:21 Changeset [2245] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser/Eraser/AboutForm.Designer.cs
  • trunk/eraser/Eraser/AboutForm.cs
  • trunk/eraser/Eraser/AboutForm.resx

Added a DPI-aware version of the about dialog. There are some hacks here (notably the scale-down of the font size) but it works... Maybe we can review this when we rewrite the code to use DirectWrite??


06:19 Ticket #374 (Does Eraser do at least the same for NTFS erasure Russinovich's SDelete?) closed by Joel
fixed: To a large extent Eraser does follow what SDelete does, with minor changes …
03:56 Ticket #373 (extreme memory use) closed by Joel
duplicate: Duplicate of #372.
03:54 Ticket #380 (Integration with Magellan Explorer) created by Joel
Eraser's context menu doesn't draw when used with Magellan Explorer. Fix …


05:37 Build of Eraser 6.2 [2244] on Windows completed
00:45 Changeset [2244] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/ErasureTargets/UnusedSpaceErasureTarget.cs

Always mark a subtask complete instead of assigning total to progress to prevent rounding errors.


08:53 Ticket #379 (Allow all windows to be maximised) created by jackjack
There are a number of windows that could do with having a maximise window …
08:47 Ticket #378 (Add option to disable scheduled tasks) created by jackjack
Add an option to disable / pause scheduled task from running until …


09:43 Ticket #377 (Documentation errors) created by jackjack
+ page 16: Encrypted Files section appears to be a partial copy …
08:55 Ticket #376 (Context Menu - Add as schedule) created by jackjack
Could you look at adding a new context menu item, to add selected files or …
08:39 Ticket #375 (Scheduler - Erase at modification) created by jackjack
When adding a schedule have the time default to 00:00 rather than current …
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