05:19 Changeset [2406] by lowjoel
  • branches/eraser6/pluginsRewrite/Eraser.BlackBox/BlackBox.cs
  • branches/eraser6/pluginsRewrite/Eraser.BlackBox/BlackBoxUploadForm.cs
  • branches/eraser6/pluginsRewrite/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/ErasureTargets/FileErasureTarget.cs
  • branches/eraser6/pluginsRewrite/Eraser.Manager/Task.cs
  • branches/eraser6/pluginsRewrite/Eraser.Plugins/Eraser.Plugins.csproj
  • branches/eraser6/pluginsRewrite/Eraser.Plugins/ProgressManager.cs
  • branches/eraser6/pluginsRewrite/Eraser.Util/Eraser.Util.csproj

Moved the ProgressManager? classes to Eraser.Plugins since it does form a component which plugins will potentially need to implement


07:54 Changeset [2405] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/.user.ini

Store the error log at the same path for all scripts.

04:51 Changeset [2404] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildPublish.php

Since we can read the output stream for data even when the Download call fails (due to a HTTP response code error), we should try that and output anything that arrives if we can so that errors are not so mysterious and causes can be traced.

04:50 Changeset [2403] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildUtil.php

When getting HTTP responses, do not fail immediately if we have a response code greater than or equal to 400. Detect it ourselves so that we can read the stream (which may contain information about the error)

04:47 Changeset [2402] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildBranch.php

New 6.0 branch builds should be prefixed with 6.0.10

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03:09 Changeset [2401] by lowjoel
  • branches/eraser6/6.0/Installer/Bootstrapper/Bootstrapper.cpp
  • branches/eraser6/6.0/Installer/Bootstrapper/Bootstrapper.vcproj
  • branches/eraser6/6.0/Installer/Bootstrapper/stdafx.h

Updated to the LZMA SDK 9.22-beta API.

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Use the fusion project file to build the 7zLib.lib which is LzmaLib?.lib … (diff)
02:56 7zLib.zip attached to CompilingEraser by Joel
7zip/LZMA combined project file
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Directory paths require the trailing slash (for VS2010) (diff)
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Oops, wrong variable. (diff)
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Fixed library output path to match with the instructions (diff)
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01:27 Changeset [2400] by lowjoel
  • branches/eraser6/6.0/Installer/Bootstrapper/Bootstrapper.vcproj

The latest LZMA SDK's library name is LzmaLib?.lib.

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