02:12 Ticket #437 (Eraser Nightly build 2622 drag & drop not working) created by phkhgh
In Vista x64. In previous nightlies, drag & drop to build new tasks was …
01:48 Ticket #436 (Eraser Nightly 2622 crashes when try to erase recycle bin from context) created by phkhgh
Installed bld 2622 today on Vista x64 - ran several erasing jobs, …
00:58 Ticket #435 (Add numeric progress indicator to Eraser UI) closed by Joel
wontfix: The best progress indicator for this would be your hard disk activity LED. …


16:12 Ticket #435 (Add numeric progress indicator to Eraser UI) created by phkhgh
For future builds, suggest adding some sort(s) of numeric progress …
07:46 Changeset [2624] by lowjoel
  • branches/eraser6/EraserService/Eraser.Manager/DirectExecutor.cs
  • branches/eraser6/EraserService/Eraser.Manager/Eraser.Manager.csproj
  • branches/eraser6/EraserService/Eraser.Manager/Executor.cs
  • branches/eraser6/EraserService/Eraser.Manager/RemoteExecutor.cs
  • branches/eraser6/EraserService/Eraser.Manager/Task.cs
  • branches/eraser6/EraserService/Eraser/Program.cs

First set of changes to allow implementation as a service.

07:10 Build of Eraser 6 [2620] on Windows completed
07:05 Build of Eraser 6.2 [2622] on Windows completed
03:19 Changeset [2623] by lowjoel
  • branches/eraser6/EraserService

Branch to implement using Eraser as a Service.

03:12 Ticket #362 (Use XML to store task lists) closed by Joel
fixed: The new XML code seems to be working well. If anything doesn't work …
03:10 Ticket #122 (Themed Eraser / Forum / Website Aesthetics.) closed by Joel
fixed: I've skinned the forum recently too. This ticket can finally be closed!
02:51 Changeset [2622] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser/Eraser.DefaultPlugins/EntropySources/KernelEntropySource.cs

Handle a FileNotFound? exception in the middle of querying performance information since a disk may be ejected in the middle of the loop.

02:48 Changeset [2621] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser/Dependencies/Lzma#.XML
  • trunk/eraser/Dependencies/Lzma#.dll
  • trunk/eraser/Dependencies/Lzma#.pdb
  • trunk/eraser/Eraser.BlackBox/BlackBox.cs
  • trunk/eraser/Eraser.BlackBox/Eraser.BlackBox.csproj

Instead of compressing the BlackBox? reports with bz2, use LZMA which results in a 30% smaller file and also a speed up of 300%,

01:22 Changeset [2620] by lowjoel
  • branches/eraser6/6.0/Eraser/AboutForm.cs

Since in this release we are maintaining binary compatibility with the previous release (all bug fix changes) freeze the Assembly Version and show the Assembly File version instead.


07:13 Build of Eraser 6 [2619] on Windows completed
01:56 Changeset [2619] by lowjoel
  • branches/eraser6/6.0/Eraser/Resources/BackgroundLogo.png
  • branches/eraser6/6.0/Resources/Source/Dialogs/Dialog Logo.psd

Updated version numbers.

01:44 Changeset [2618] by lowjoel
  • branches/eraser6/6.0/Version.cs.in
  • branches/eraser6/6.0/Version.rc.in
  • branches/eraser6/6.0/Version.wxs.in

Version bump.


16:53 Ticket #434 (I/O exception on win7 x64) created by craigske
Steps to repro: 1) run as admin. 2) Create new task. 3) add data 4) …


01:00 Ticket #431 (Crashes upon loading - Eraser closed by trac-robot
This ticket was closed automatically by the system. It was previously set …
01:00 Ticket #428 (Will not run scan ever since installed) closed by trac-robot
This ticket was closed automatically by the system. It was previously set …


00:30 Ticket #433 (Eraser crashes upon closing after an erasing job; no report ...) created by phkhgh
Several times I've noticed Eraser will crash is close it after an erasing …


02:37 Ticket #432 (Crashes upon loading - Eraser closed by Joel
duplicate: I'll mark this as a duplicate (of #431). Please do not report similar bugs …


11:03 Ticket #432 (Crashes upon loading - Eraser created by tekeek
In addition to my previous ticket this version also crashes upon starting …
10:56 Ticket #431 (Crashes upon loading - Eraser created by tekeek
After installing Eraser crashes upon running it. Windows 7 …
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