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Localizing Eraser


Localizing Eraser v6 require to be able to build its .NET solution. Then requirements are the same of building it. You can check them on CompilingEraser (Get the necessary dependencies)

What needs to be localized

Source files that require to be localized are:

  • Strings.xx.resx: there's one for most projects
  • <PageName>.xx.resx: there's one foreach form and custom controls
  • ShellExt.rc: there's only one in ShellExt Shell Extension C++ project

xx is the acronym of the target localization language.

How localize Strings

You'll find Strings.xx.resx files in the following projects:

  • Eraser
  • Eraser.DefaultPlugins
  • Eraser.Manager

Localizing these files it's really simple:

  • open file in VisualStudio.NET (with simple double clickover the file)
  • A form (see picture below) is showed with 3 (three) columns in the following order (column names are provided in english as a reference):
    1. Name: source language string
    2. Value: target language string (initially set to "(Untranslated)")
    3. Comment: a comment string
  • change the value in the second column with the translated string

Screen shot of Strings files localization

Localization of forms

How localize Forms and Custom Controls

Each form has a number of controls that shows text and then that can be localized.

Localization process is basically constituted by:

  1. Choosing form language property as the target localization language (as in the picture on the right)
  2. Choose, by a single click, the form object that required to be localized (it can be a Label, by example)
  3. Select Text property of the object
  4. Change the value of the property Text
  5. Repeat from 2 to 4 for each control require licalization

Below follows details for each form actually included in the project.

Project Eraser


On this form it has to be localized only the titleLabel label.


On this form it has to be localized only the label label.


On this form it has to be localized:

  • Text property of the Form itself (form title)
  • filterSessionLabel label Text property
  • filterSeverityLabel label Text property
  • columns header of the central panel (log listView). To do that you'll have to right-click over it and choose "Edit Columns". You'll see the columns names (logTimestampColumn, logSeverityColumn and logMessageColumn) on the left side of a form and selecting each one you'll be able to change the Text property
  • clear button Text property
  • close button Text property


Project Eraser.!DefaultPlugins


How localize Shell Extension