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Updated release procedure

Preparing for a release

There are two types of releases: a beta build and a stable release. Both release procedures are similar; most of the steps below apply. Steps which do not will be indicated.

At the Code

  1. Up the build count
    • For v5: Version.h
    • For v6: Version.*.in in the root of the project directory. Only edit the release number. Build numbers are automatically handled by subwcrev.exe
  2. Update the README file (v5 only)
    • This will be shown to the user during the Inno installer's introductory page
    • The Readme file should have these updated
      • Line 7: the version.
      • Lines 9 onwards: the latest changes. Use svn log to find out.

Build the installer

  1. The installers are built using Inno (v5) and WiX (v6)
    • For v5: Use build/Eraser.iss
      • Ensure that the binaries inside the installer are signed before packaging them.
      • Also sign the installer after it as been built.
    • For v6: The signing process is handled by the build process in VS.

Web publish

  1. This is where betas and stables really differ.
    • For betas, upload to the Eraser Web area. Then, update the Eraser database to reflect the release.
    • For stables, upload to the SourceForge? File release system.
  2. Announce in the forum.
    • Always include file hashes. Recommended list:
      • MD5
      • SHA-1
      • SHA-256