Eraser 6 Stable released!

Posted by: Joel, 15th December 2009, 10:15 am +800GMT

Eraser 6 stable has been released after being for 2 years in development. Eraser 6 sports a completely revamped user interface, and Windows XP/Vista/7 support out of the box. Eraser 6 now allows users to use the context menu in Windows Explorer to erase Unused Space on drives with UAC on under Windows Vista and 7. The On-Demand and Scheduler panes in Eraser 5 has been replaced with the integrated Task Scheduler in Eraser 6 which allows for simplified management of tasks. The biggest and most significant change since rc5 is the addition of FAT directory cleaning and various usability improvements.


Revision Description Author
1130 Progress dialog improvements Joel
1131 Deal with cluster tip erasure failures more robustly
When a user does a folder erasure, delete all empty subfolders of the target if they are empty after the erase regardless of whether the folder should be deleted when empty
1132 Fixed the crash which appears after Erase has been running for a while Joel
1133 Create a Hide button for the progress dialog
Relabelled tab order for the progress dialog
1136 Friendlier error message used when access is denied erasing a file cluster tip. Joel
1137 Moved the task list to a file in the Local Application Data folder (%LOCALAPPDATA%\Eraser 6) Joel
1138 Allow users to filter log messages by severity Joel
1139 Fixed crash when "unformatted" drives are installed on the computer. Thanks to Xanashi for reporting the bug. Joel
1140, 1145 Clean up files meant for cleaning up the MFT after we are done with it. Thanks to mcmaster76 for reporting the bug. Joel
1143, 1147 Log viewer performance optimisations Joel
1144 Specify the minimum size of the log viewer so that the dialog will remain useable. Joel
1148 Fixed a crash when right-clicking a drive in the Computer folder. Thanks to mcmaster76 for reporting the bug. Joel
1154 Fixed restart-run tasks. Joel
1158 Made the forced closure of file handles optional Joel
1159 Added first draft of the Eraser documentation Joel
1163, 1164 Allow eraser to be called from the Run dialog Joel
1165, 1166 Created a new type of task - Manual tasks which run only on demand. The distinction between manual and run-once tasks are that tasks meant to run only once will be run and if it completes successfully the task will be deleted. Manually run tasks will never be automatically deleted. Joel
1185 Fixed crash when erasing FAT file systems. Joel
1186 Certain file names which could not be erased from the context menu previously can now be erased. Joel
1187 Allow computers without network adapters to run Eraser Joel
1188 Disk performance counters can now be used as an entropy source Joel
1193 Cleaner NTFS MFT erasure. Joel
1195 When deleting folders reset all the access modified and creation times. Joel
1206, 1207, 1211, 1214, 1215, 1219-1222, 1225-1236, 1239, 1242 Implemented FAT cleaning Joel
1243 Implemented delete key in the Scheduler. Thanks to Xanashi for suggesting! Joel
1247 Updated the Visual C++ runtime to the latest one (2008SP1 with ATL security fix) This fixes hangs when using the Eraser context menu. Joel
1278 Installer bootstrapper improvements Joel
1285 Do not stop running a task if one target does not exist. Joel
1287, 1288 NTFS MFT Cleaning improvements. Joel
1296 Allow many files to be dragged into the Eraser Window. Joel
1297 Erase MFT resident files before expanding the file to clear the cluster. This makes sure MFT resident files do not move around the MFT. Joel
1299 When selecting too many files to erase from the Eraser context menu in Windows Explorer display a helpful error message instead of failing without any reason. Joel
1304 Fixed Eraser being unable to exit when started at logon. Joel
1317 Allow an elevated instance of Eraser to be controlled remotely by the same user. This allows the user to use the context menu extension even when Eraser is running as an Administrator. Joel
1318 Fixed crash when deleting multiple tasks Joel
1320 Added Italian localisation support Joel
1321 Compile Warning fixes Joel
1323 Don't check the SFC filelist if the given path name is longer than 255 characters Joel
1324-1341 Implemented Italian localisation Andrea
1342, 1348, 1350 Fixed build process for developers without code signing certificates Joel
1343 Rearranged the Italian settings panel to fit longer strings Joel
1344-1347 More Italian localisation work Andrea
1353 Display the language name in the .NET framework language for all Eraser translations for uniformity Joel
1354 Display untranslated strings in debug builds as "untranslated" but use the English string in release builds Joel
1355 Fixed updater crash Joel
1365-1368, 1373 More Italian localisation work; added support for Shell Extension translations Andrea
1369-1372 Implemented Shell Extension translation switching (controlled from the Eraser Settings page) Joel

Retirement of Eraser 5

This release of Eraser brings about sad news for some - Eraser 5 support will end after the release of Eraser 6.0.7. Technically, since this Eraser build is the 6th release of the version 6 this is Eraser 6.0.6. Thus, the next release of Eraser will see the end of Eraser 5 support. This is mainly to ensure that critical bugs within Eraser 6 are fixed before Eraser 5 is retired.

The reason for not supporting the old code is that the old code was not designed to run on the operating systems of today and functions do not work as expected. Eraser 6 was redesigned to ensure that it will match the coding standards and fit into the software ecosystem like any other "modern" application.


Download Eraser 6 from SourceForge

  • MD5: fb7e0c9fe972d840f440b927ead1c181
  • SHA-1: 226ba6e58773fd5c1350dd8cc3c3cbe1f44bfa49
  • RIPEMD-160: 5d13acbcdbc1a2b898f80f4e1f0752f5e1590964
  • SHA-256: 8f449759c1082d49f80517ef8462e0e71b69af711dfc63d80fc48ff98
  • SHA-512: 40d9b1233302dd54cda1103aefaffd6e0afd5ff99fe54459e45343c02
  • Whirlpool: f375ec1ff8c9a6010b00dcd0fa36e5957f9dcf6261f5ff0a3b0cae387

Eraser 5.8.8 released

Posted by: Joel, 15th December 2009, 10:15 am +800GMT

Eraser 5.8.8 is released. This release is mainly meant to fix the disk corruption which results from running a first/last 2KB erase on a sparse file as well as to fix the context menu causing Explorer to hang when installed with certain software which also inserts a context menu item.

Do note that the Eraser 5.x series will be retired (i.e. unmaintained) after the release of Eraser 6.0.7. See complete details in the Eraser 6 announcement.


Revision Description Author
1149 Do not erase sparse, compressed or encrypted files when FL2KB erasure is selected to prevent disk corruption. Joel
1150 Fix Win32 Eraser builds to be truly Unicode builds. Joel
1169 A few 64-bit fixes. Joel
1168 Ensure that Eraser uses the latest runtimes packaged with the installer. This should fix hangs when using the Context menu. Joel
1184 Fixed the About dialog after migrating to Unicode Joel
1279 Sign all binaries packaged with the installer Joel
1292 Allow erasing UNC paths Joel
1293 Fixed memory exhaustion when doing a free space erase for FAT drives Joel
1294 Migrate non-Unicode custom erasure methods to the Unicode methods so that old custom erasure methods are preserved upon upgrade Joel
1305 Ensure that Eraser is not running when the Eraser setup is run Joel


Update: The previously uploaded version packaged an incorrect C++ runtime version. The new version with the correct runtime has been re-released on 16th December 2009 at 8.20PM +800GMT and the file hashes are updated below. The standalone version is unaffected. In addition, the standalone involved a corrupted Licence.txt and a new copy has been uploaded

  • Eraser 5.8.8 Installer
    • MD5: 9d84e8184413495257abeeba44cccd81
    • SHA-1: c83260be472af4cdf18a31de293f9b0cd1494548
    • RIPEMD-160: 772f72acfd807407ba36bc275a40fcd0684f3022
    • SHA-256: a03578a6b28aff267f20a87755696a91a1d5b923e815b2989e4afcc89
    • SHA-512: 12f3a76886d8217d47d51926247ec12a58d1ff66a7d76f0496297850a
    • Whirlpool: 997962f5a454f3a8e1c439569b90170eaf8c824a2e6a63c594290d57f
  • Eraser 5.8.8 Portable
    • MD5: 28de51839323c419cb2523398a4421de
    • SHA-1: f14f820cf7345d013d0c6a781088bb16d09df582
    • RIPEMD-160: 2776e28da1d377abd0aabb88cdedfe6ab3c9cf9e
    • SHA-256: 4253e5cb73e29e75c0c4bff006f45f554ebd7846c86e83e93b2e059c7
    • SHA-512: 554a8375e3c94176cb174d8db66521a93beb5ee52a302300b9f86dbc3
    • Whirlpool: af04f01d0da1441fc0ebd0f301833cef4e98b01ae310e2ed9b3d3fb75

Latest News

Eraser 6.0.10 released!

Posted by: Joel, 23rd May 2012, 10:30 am +800GMT

Eraser 6.0.10 has been released today. This is a bugfix release which continues to build on the stability Eraser 6 series. All users are recommended to upgrade to this version. Read the full announcement.