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    deleting Internet Explorer Temporary Files & others

    many thanks for your response. Don't understand that, if I have a 100gb hardrive and I write 100gb data on it, does this mean tha all some of the files previously written are not overriten and can be recovered? thanks bulibasa
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    deleting Internet Explorer Temporary Files & others

    Hi, sorry if I am look dumb but I am new with eraser, if I preform "erase the unused space" on my computer, are all the internet temporary files, history files, e-mails, e-mail addresses automatically scrubbed? I cannot find any specific comand in eraser which should be deleting these items...
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    DBAN 1.0.7 is the current release.

    DBAN - it is really wipping the disc properly? Hi there, what does it mean the below? If a - perhaps - well funded government agency can do that, it means that even I will wipe my drive with DBAN the data is still vulnerable and any other well funded companies / persons can do that? When is...