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    What is the best equipment to start a data recovery business

    Hello, I am in Calgary and I would like to start a data recovery business, what would be the best quality price equipment to start with ? My idea goes to the Ninja 121 Forensics from YEC right now, is it a good choice ? thank you in advance
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    Do i need to reinstall Xp if i use DBAN?

    HI, I have Spyware currently on my PC. If i use Dban will it get rid of my OS too? Also do any of you know any GOOD, and FREE virus protection, please no TRIALS or Limited use full free programs thanks.
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    Why can data still be read when a disk is completely erased?

    I understand that normal delete operations only delete the file identification information, but not the file contents itself. I'm talking, though, of writing all zero's or all ones on a disk on an extreme low level format. Some disk forensics can still read data. How can that happen?