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    Cannot Create the Darik Boot and Nuke diskette

    The last time I checked, Eraser didn't have CD writing capability, just floppy. You will probably need to download the DBAN ISO image and create the CD from that.
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    Questions about erasing the replaced file

    If you are concerned about someone using forensic tools to search your drive, then they would still find the files. The file names are irrelevant. Your method doesn't overwrite the information on the drive, so it can still be recovered by forensic programs, based on the file headers and footers...
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    Erasing already erased JPEGS

    The only way to remove files that were already deleted is to do a "freespace" wipe of the partition or drive. Open My Computer, right-click on the drive in question, and select "Erase free space" (I don't remember the exact phrase, though that may be it). Using 1 pass of pseudorandom data is...
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    Won't erase Temporary Internet Files

    You will probably have to schedule the overwriting of the temporary internet files to run at boot time. I have mine scheduled that way and once I log back into Windows, it runs the task.
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    DBAN - Hard drive format

    ...Last time I checked, DBAN was for overwriting a drive (erasing it), not for formatting it. Depending on how the drive was wiped, you may have to partition it and format it after using DBAN. If you go to Computer Management in Windows, go to storage and then Disk Management. From there it...
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    DBAN running ~15h is now at 18.59%? Can I chancel it?

    Yes, you can interrupt it. Nothing that DBAN is doing will "destroy" your hard drive. All it does is overwrite the drive with data. You will probably need to partition and reformat the drive before it will be useful. If any sensitive information was not overwritten before you stopped DBAN...
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    burning dban iso onto disk with other data

    Start Nero, if the New Compilation screen pops up then close it, click on Recorder, then click Burn Image, point it to the ISO file and it will burn it to your default burner. The other issue is that ISO files are snapshots, so by default it won't burn to a CD with other info and you won't...
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    creating a nuke boot disc

    I'm pretty sure that Eraser can't write directly to a CD, so you will have to go to the website for DBAN (Darik's Boot And Nuke) and download the ISO from there ( You will need to use your CD writer software to burn the ISO disk image to CD. You might need to check your...
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    Some comments and questions

    The short answer is "no". Eraser overwrites the locations where the file data was located. By analogy, if you had a sheet of paper with a normal English paragraph on it, if you replace each existing letter with a random new letter, that is what Eraser does. I've done repeated tests with a...
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    DBAN FDISK /MBR Simply typing in "fdisk mbr" into Google or Clusty will help you get answers for yourself a lot faster than waiting for someone else to get them for you. The command resets the master boot record of the boot disk (hard drive). It shouldn't harm your drive...
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    DBAN to wipe out old computer hard drive - Not successful

    Are you sure that the CD drive is functional on that computer? Can it recognize a CD from within Windows? If so, is it set in BIOS to allow booting from CD?
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    can Eraser destroy filesystem and partitions?

    For taking out partitions and the OS, you should use DBAN. Eraser relies on the installed OS.
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    Eraser with TrueCrypt, Eraser with Encryption Anywhere

    My PC always locked up every time I tried use Eraser within a TrueCrypt volume. Then I realized that since the volume is already encrypted, the files inside don't need to be erased, they can just be deleted. I've never recovered anything forensically afterward, so the concept seems to be true.
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    Will dban

    DBAN will overwrite and remove all partitions regardless of file system if you point it at the main drive, rather than a specific partition. 1 pass is sufficient.
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    creating boot disk

    If your CD drive is a CD burner, go to this website and download DBAN, which is what the boot-disk function creates: Click on, Download DBAN for installation on CD and DVD media. Make a CD from the ISO image that you download (don't just burn it as a file on a...