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    Darik's boot and nuke= biggest crap in he world

    incompatibility Yes, there is something incompatible. I downloaded DBAN 1.0.5 and it worked just fine. I spent a while messing with it, customized it a litlte by adding a custom label and a few comments on the quick.txt and warning.txt screens to indicate that my custom label was there and...
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    DBAN Autonuke CD (or where is SYSLINUX.CFG on the ISO image)

    It's really not hard to do at all. I just found dban within the last few days, and started customizing it today. All you need to do is what Darik wrote - get the floppy zip file and make a bootable floppy. Mount the floppy and edit syslinux.cfg, set PROMPT 0 and DEFAULT to the label...