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    Dec 10th- HUGE catastrophe with version 5.86 please help

    Re: more info I can't help you personally, and maybe you have done things subsequent to the catastrophe that might make some recovery steps no longer available. However, maybe the info at the following links might help:
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    eraser install problem

    I'll leave it to the more technically competent people to try to help you with why you may be having problems with the program. However, are you sure you need eraser? This program is not designed to be used as a file deleter for common deletion tasks. It is meant to completely erase files...
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    Downloading Problems

    Why do you say there is no customer support? Did you not click on the Support link on their main page to find the support information? This forum is one of the forms of support available, and is free to the user, as is the program. I'm curious as to how much support (which costs money to the...
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    USB Hard disk

    I can only suggest that you search the net for the recovery software info, as I don't have any. I only erase specific files or folders containing specific files and, of course, even if you f*** up and erase the wrong file you can't recover it with anything. And when I just delete files I send...
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    Help! I think that Eraser has corrupted my NTVDM.EXE

    I am afraid I'm not a tech person, and you likely know more about that file and possible fixes than I do. But just in case, have you tried searching the net by typing the words fix ntvdm.exe into google? Here's a link to one forum that, near the bottom, seems to have some info on a registry...
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    USB Hard disk

    If you're asking about the issue of using erasing software on media that has a limited write capability in terms of the number of writes it is capable of before perhaps becoming unreliable, then that applies to USB Flash Drives, not Hard Drives. As to recovery software, if you use Eraser then...
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    New Erasing option

    I would suspect, from the info on that link, that this would be the next most secure option after Gutmann, and probably all one would need if the pseudorandom data was as good as the present One Pass Pseudorandom that exists in Eraser. Would that be correct? Regards, jberaser
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    Help! I think that Eraser has corrupted my NTVDM.EXE

    Re: Another first and last KB issue First, read this thread and see if any of it applies to your situation: Regards, JoeB
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    Help! I think that Eraser has corrupted my NTVDM.EXE

    Exactly what did you do? Regards, jberaser
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    Recycle Bin options and passes

    Well that's kinda nice to hear! Except for the one time a couple of weeks ago when I was optimizing stuff and decided to do aan erase of free disc space, my erases are always "small" files/folders (I guess small is relative, but stuff that doesn't take too much time with Gutmann), and I've...
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    free space wipe make unreadable ALL data on 2 hard-disk

    Given what others have said, it's surprising that the 5.84 version on Sourceforge would still have the 5.81 bug, and still have that 2kb option available, given that is supposed to have been removed from versions after 5.81. Hopefully somebody else can explain it and also find a way to get the...
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    free space wipe make unreadable ALL data on 2 hard-disk

    I was wondering about that and thinking that what you say might be the case. It was the fact that you put the word "modified" in quotes that had me wondering if you meant something different :-) It shows, however, that it still pays to use the supported versions, even if they themselves can...
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    free space wipe make unreadable ALL data on 2 hard-disk

    Nice to hear the news that this download was removed a long time ago, and I assume that this was when the problem was discovered. An excellent reason not to be using "modified" versions of software. But why would anyone want to use a modified version of a product that is available for free...
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    free space wipe make unreadable ALL data on 2 hard-disk

    To say that that version should be removed is an understatement! If that is a documented bug (i.e., that using that advanced option can fry the files on your drive) it amounts to extreme negligence that the version was not removed the first time the issue was ever reported! Regards, jberaser
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    display problems?

    I can't imagine why it wouldn't. I've had to use it several times in the past couple of years, almost always with success and never with a catastrophic result. Once was when I was first setting up a two monitor system and - after getting it set up then later fooling around with some options...