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    No way to select recycle bin custom methods any more?

    There is currently no way to use custom methods with the recycle bin. Those entries (which can be deleted) use Eraserl.exe; the command line version that uses pre-bundled methods.
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    Eraser 5.8.7-beta 3 Standard and Portable

    I'm not trying to complain but it has been over three weeks since was posted. That makes me think that there are serious issues with this version, and why the final hasn't been released. Is this version okay to use?
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    Useless Forum,

    This might just be a stab in the dark, but have you ever thought that maybe your attitutde is the reason why people choose not to help you. If not, I suggest you take that in to consideration. This is a open source project that is only worked on in spare time. If you think you can do a better...
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    Eraser 5.87-beta2 Portable

    I don't get any context menu entries with the beta even though they are enabled.
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    Updates past due

    Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't 5.87 final alerady supposed to be out now? According to the roadmap it is. I'm suprised no one is saying anything about it.
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    Preconfigured Eraser downloadable .ers Eraser Files?

    Any idea when that'll be coming our way?
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    Eraser Update

    When are we going to see the 6.x branch of Eraser? I hope soon. I really want it to be able to erase MFT records
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    Version 6?

    I've read a lot of things about what features version 6 will have and what interface changes it may have. But I haven't read anything that suggests when version 6, or even a beta for that matter, will be released. Any ideas on when?
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    Erase Methods

    What does "PRNG" mean? And, yes, I have thought of encrypting my drive with TC5. But that is only useful if you turn off your system all the time; there is no point when I stay logged in.
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    Erase Methods

    Any advice on what is the best erase method? Of course I know that the 'best' anything is subjective, but in this case I mean secure yet practical. I've heard a lot of people say that on modern drive a couple of passes of pseudo data is enough. Is that true? I don't buy into to fact that...